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  1. The way to protect people that are abused and laughed at is not by making them go away or hide. The way to help them is to make it a way people cannot insult, abuse or be toxic to others or the comunity
  2. Hello. I am Always up on the topic I think that any methods that help to police nations and protect the fun in the game should at least be given a try. Only toxic people are protected with the actual gameplay. Regular fun searching people are helpless. Ignore is not a solution.
  3. About the wood problem, I think that simply lowering the penalty of having an oak ship would be enough, especially for thickness. After all, most of the ships build for the european navies of that time were made in wood avalable in Europe… so oak was not a 'bad' wood and oak ships were competitive.
  4. I am sorry but I totally disagree with your comment. First, if a person has the power to destroy the game experience to others, then those others should have the power to retaliate. Second, exclude a bad boy from a nation is not excluding it from the game, but probably push him to become pirate ou outlaw…. or he behave himself.
  5. I agree and already said in multiple posts: toxic behaviors in the game are probably the number1 reason casual players quite the game. Having 2 hours to spent during the evening and reading people insulting each other in the chat during that time, it is not fun and people leave because they want to have a good time. You can win or you can loose, if you had a good time with people, you will come back. Even if your nation is winning, but if people are constantly arguing and insulting, then casual players will have a tendency to leave because it is not fun. You cannot put too many people in ignore. Therefore the channels must be severely moderated or game mechanics introduced to expel trouble makers from a nation.
  6. (If you own all DLC you gain a gameplay advantage since you only need to craft cannons and repairs. Basic mods are enough to pvp. The more DLC you own the more ships you can redeem a day. I would like to see some capable of crafting 1 herc, 1 requin, 1 rat, 1 herm a day). I am not against that dlc ships be crafted. But, in my opinion, this argument is limited by the fact that you can craft comparable or even better ships and that those ships are more readily avalable (regardless the wood type… but again….)… but maybe I simply dont understand it Well i see you on the ow soon all. it is true that i am not playing a lot these days. Dont forget to have fun!
  7. [respectful language, please] mod team
  8. Dont be condescending. If you are not able to debate without being arrogant and unpleasant, this is just showing that you are [redacted], but not that i am wrong. you people you are not Always consistent in your comments. 1- evidence show that dlc hermione and raat... are not pay to win, although some say it is. 2-Crafted ships do not require a lot of ship transport (hauling if I spell it right) because upgraded ports can produce all what is needed and crafting ships is easy. 3-the need to get the rare woods and the prob to have to do grinding for it… this is just what dlc ships allow you to avoid 4-the fact that you can replace your boat the next day with dlc… but with crafted boat you can replace it instantly if you have the money to get it on the market or through your clan. 5-the fact that dlc ships are not crafted and dont make crafters work which is bad for eco… considering that crafting a boat just need a clic once your clan's port is upgraded, it is just a matter of rare wood availability if you want it in rare wood… then come back to point 3 or ask for more wood availability (however, once big clans will have access to 1 million l.o. and w.o.…. the wood wont be that rare for them, just grind the doublons but they will have plenty of doublons quickly. So only solo and small clans will have probs…. then for them dlc is a way to compete) 6-after all everything is also a matter of opinion and all opinions are respectable
  9. If you fight against 4 or 5 ennemi, you are dead anyway, what ever the boat they are in. If you fight in 1 vs 1, hermione and raat…stuff are not the best boats in their category… so it is not pay to win. Finally the need to craft your own boat is trully not the prob, as most often if you loose a boat you replace it through your clan or get it on the market…. only solo players may need to craft it if they dont have the reals to get it on the market.
  10. I could agree if hauling was still necessary for crafting ships… the need is very limited and will not be needed at all once the port is upgraded as you can produce it all in it. The point is : or you grind to get the wood if you have time, or have a big clan but if you dont have time then you can have a competitive boat with the dlc So imo dlc are a matter of enlarging the choice for players and not reducing it
  11. at least they may compete or else they never wont… so imo it is not that bad. Sorry dont mean to spam, but I really I dont see it like a 'very bad 'thing'. I stp the spaming here
  12. Oki, then dlc ships for which you can choose the wood close a bit that gap in favor of newbies that own the dlc
  13. The lost of free ship in ow wont be punishing after the wipe as ships in oak will be the norm and not ships in rare woods. Doing ships in oak is very easy once your shipyard and production facilities done
  14. Toxic behavior (including uncontroled alts) is what is killing the game right now.. at least on the pvp server
  15. I dont agree with this topc. First I think that the effect of dlc ships is limited on crafting as the craft of ships is now very simple anyway (to not say way to simple) and the need for guns and upgrade is still there. Second i think that dlc ships allow solo players and small team players to have access to competitive boats and help ease a litle the advantage that major clans and major nations have.
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