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  1. Si tu mets du Herbert Pagani en musique d'accueil ça devrait unir tout le monde :
  2. Or add a cooldown (2 hours maybe) to enter a Port Battle after leaving a free port, so they can't be used for conquest but only PvE, PvP and Trade.
  3. Je suppose qu'il y en aura à différents points clés de la map, pour que tout le monde puisse y accéder sans trop naviguer dans le vide ^^
  4. Joli patch, va rendre le jeu plus jouable dans beaucoup de domaines, mais que deviennent les PvE Marks ? Les anciennes PvP seront convertibles en Combat Mark mais qu'en est-il des PvE Mark ?
  5. @pellasgos
  6. Écris en français s'il te plaît, je traduirais parce que ton texte est strictement incompréhensible.
  7. Translation and UI will come in the same update, the next one, probably this summer, let's hope the Warehouse log will be part of this update...
  8. And possibility to add some rights for moving items for some players rather than making them Officers...
  9. Bon courage mais surtout amusez vous bien qu'elle que soit l'issue de tout ça
  10. Trade mustn't be allowed between Pirates and Nationals too, a Pirate will never trade with a Navy and a Navy will never trade with a Pirate, it can fix a lot of problems with alts, especially Pirates alts crafting Pirate Frigates for Nationals or other refits etc.
  11. [ACN] Alliance des Corsaires du Nord - Danmark-Norge - PvP Europe
  12. Ok so here is the situation : Got attacked by Swedish players and some NPCs ships were pulled in, they captured my ship and they asked him to escape, but right after that, they could have left the battle or killed the last NPCs ships, like the "normal" way. But they decided to exploit the game mechanics, they just sailed for more than 30 minutes far away from the NPCs, they could have left 100x times but they decided to use the battle as an "Invisibility cloak". I don't think this is how the battles are intended to be. Here are the screenshots : I can also add a screenshot about one of their player insulting me right after i told them i will report this exploit :
  13. Mais ça marche sur le serveur PvE ? Si oui c'est abusé, même pas besoin de crafter