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Issues about the Order of Battle


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I'm interested in the military organization, so I also looked closely on the order of battle table of this game.



1. A bug on the list


When the order of battle scrolls over the GUI window, the last line is always dropped.


Because of this bug, when I opened up the Cavalry Corps of the Union forces, the 3rd Cavalry Division (Kilpatrick's) is always dropped - it is not indicated in the window at all.


I tried to write down all lines of the table, and I found that there is no way to access to the information of Union 3rd Cavalry Division.



2. Some erroneously duplicate units on the whole order of battle list


I found following duplicated units which never appear in the game but indicated in the whole order of battle list.


Union - I Army Corps, Doubleday's Division, Stannard's Brigade: Below this unit, there is a Confederate unit named 'Test_Stannard_Traitor_statsname', thus adding non-existent 1950 soldiers to the Union list.


Union - Cavalry Corps, Buford's 1st Cavalry Division: ghost units caled 'North_Cavalry_Corps_1stDivision_1stBrigade_Guards_statsname' (1050 soldiers), 'North_Cavalry_Corps_1stDivision_1stBrigade_Skirmishers_statsname' (558 soldiers) are added to the Union list.



3. Some minor mistakes on the unit information


Confederate - 1st Army Corps, McClaws' Division, Cabell's Artillery Battalion, Manly's Battery - commander name

Confederate - 1st Army Corps, Pickett's Division, Dearing's Artillery Battalion, 'Stribling's -Battery'

Confederate - 2nd Army Corps, Early's Division, Jone's Artillery Battalion, Tanner's Battery - the gun count is '0'.

Confederate - 2nd Army Corps, 2nd Corps Artillery Reserve, Dance's Artillery Battalion, 'Griffin'Battery'

Confederate - Cavalry Division, Hampton's Cavalry Brigade, Hampton's Carolina Detachment - there is a commander portrait but no name of commander.

Union - II Army Corps, Caldwell's Division, Brooke's Brigade - hierarchy info reads '2nd Division', while this is a 1nd Division unit.

Union - VI Army Corps, Tompkin's Artillery Brigade, McCartney's Battery - commander name has a glitch



4. Suggestion: Why can't I open the order of battle table on the startup screen?


I think this order of battle table is one of the major salespoint for this historical simulation game.


Currently, each time I want to look up the order of battle table, I randomly start a mission, finish it harshly and check the result screen which contains a button heading to the whole order of battle table.


Maybe you can add some more informations, like historical timing of appearing in the battlefield (which would be also useful in actual gameplay).


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