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  1. I'm interested in the military organization, so I also looked closely on the order of battle table of this game. 1. A bug on the list When the order of battle scrolls over the GUI window, the last line is always dropped. Because of this bug, when I opened up the Cavalry Corps of the Union forces, the 3rd Cavalry Division (Kilpatrick's) is always dropped - it is not indicated in the window at all. I tried to write down all lines of the table, and I found that there is no way to access to the information of Union 3rd Cavalry Division. 2. Some erroneously duplicate units
  2. I partly agree with the argument of "the Collector's Showcase". As far as there are so many players who feel that the game is "may be historically accurate, but unbalanced beyond my criteria of fairness", this game cannot be a major-best-seller-blockbuster-killer-title. But hey! If the developer satisfies on positioning as "a rather fancy but healthy indie history simulator", then why should it be so "mass-friendly"? I want to refer to the Company of Heroes franchise—my most favorite RTS by now—as an example. The Company of Heroes franchise depicts the European theater of the World
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