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Did you know that the South had more factories than the north?

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Did you know that the South had more factories than the north? And that the North was very a very poor agrarian culture? The North lacked the quantity that the South had hence they defend many parts of the Gettysburg map in Ultimate General with fewer of the same number of troops? Did you also know that the South had a lot more artillery than the North? And get this, they ran faster, not just to battles, but in battles! At least 40% faster! Little known facts, truly. And they rallied after taking 75% casualties. Bruce Catton, Shelby Foote: you know nothing compared to the Author of Gettysburg Ultimate General. Did you also know that Union troops were no better than Iraqi conscripts on a bad day?


In Gettysburg Ultimate General also changes military doctrine? You really only need a force composition of 1:1 to be successful as an attacker?


Gettysburg Ultimate General has no reason for historical accuracy. Just make the Rebs supermen tune up Union artillery and, its an even match: no chance! The game is ruined. I've played for months, loved every moment of it. I can tell you this, the game has been patched along the way with and without players knowing. Its been monkeyed with so many times its a basket case.


I declare that most all of the maps are ruined for Union. Listening to too many people my friend, you should have relaxed long ago. Hope you learned something. 


Goodbye Gettysburg Ultimate General.

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I don't agree. Overhyped drama this thread.

There is nothing constructive here at all.

All I see is rebs is overpowered.

Which scenarios are you talking about here?

When you've made similar threads I've asked you to play a game with me but I'll doubt you ever will. If you do change your mind, I'll even record it and if you beat me with the rebs as badly as this post suggests you would, it'll be a good record for making corrections. And I'll eat my boot too. How's that?

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Ahh just the Man I wanted to talk to: rumor has it you partially responsible for the present mess. Someone lent too eager an ear to you during the myriad of patches?

What we have here gentleman is a mess of a game now. Now don't get me wrong I'm going down with the ship out of sheer love for the game, but damn Union is hosed almost all of the time. Archer goes from 1200 to 400 fellas and hardly budges an inch while Iron Brigade rushes to the rear for a hardtack break if Davis sneezes. You seem a bit defensive to me. Guilt? Knowing that the game has been reduced to such a state. Was fine a couple of patches ago, Rebs had to work to win, wait a second, you prefer Rebs right? Ahhhh got it now.

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It's funny, I've been accused of being responsible for the Union to be ridiculously overpowered too the last few patches... Not guilty at all, no. 

My guess is that you run the Union troops all over the place and attempt to fight with exhausted troops. I've seen other people do that and then complain that the Union is shafted when they only have themselfs to blame.

Yes, the game is harder now on careless play.

So how about it.. a game then? I don't think we're going to settle it here.


I suggest Devil's Den where you can be the CSA.

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We played plenty, and you lost.


Here's another idea: lets play marbles: you get five I get two. Then when I lose lets switch and then you get two and you lose. Isn't that fun? What a great analogy for Ultimate General. My turn I lose your turn you lose. And that's a strategy game? Are you kidding? Poor Union they had no idea they were so inept, I guess that's why they won.


The game is completely broken, you know it and others do too. Sad was fun some patches ago: even a challenge.


What a joke.

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Remember this is in all good fun,,,I love a challenge when given, n accepted........... :ph34r:


Well Showcase, Koro has thrown down the gauntlet, Its is now up to you to pick that Gauntlet up, n accepting that challenge!

Perhaps we shall see then............With whom really has the 2 marbles rolling around.


I'm at the betting window, just like at the horse track.

You are doing a lot of Barn Barking in your thread. Just like Jockey's/Trainers sometimes do in the Stable's....

But when Parade to Post is called..... they make up 'dime store excuses' as to why there horse is scratched from the race.......


In this case take up the Challenge/Fight him on the battlefield...Is your Generalship up to the task? You do have the choice in Army n Battlefield .....

Hopefully you will meet the Challenge.


Don't up and just disappear....


I would also like Koro to video this n play 2 out of 3...

100$ Bucks is on Koro to beat you by 2 lengths...... ;)



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We haven't played on ages dude.. and the only one to consistently beat me is Yuejin. There are few enough that I remember who beats me..

I'm not responding until you decide to play a game. Your entire post is nothing but nonsense based on things you seem to have little knowledge.

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...so, Koro, after your challenge to test if the game is really so "unbalanced" by playing a multiplayer game against him/her, the OP has suddenly and misteriously disappeared... :rolleyes:


(in case it wasn't clear, I meant that the OP hasn't even had the courage to test his claims by challenging you - which would be the most logical thing to do if he was really convinced of his point - and preferred to cower away instead)

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