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  1. No issue with the forums here.
  2. We don't need any more nations in my opinion. Players are spread out as it is, especially when server numbers drop some nations are nearly dead. Spreading them out more would just lead to a bigger problem. However I do agree with your first statement.
  3. For 1. A surgeon is what you need for this - they will slowly un-murderise crew 2. Sounds good actually, would make sense if a lot of crew stay alive they get buffs, as experience beats any sort of training and crews would get more efficient over time. Maybe something like more experienced crew become Bos'un or Midshipmen and have a general buff over the crew?
  4. Give us customisable mast heads! So then we can have a naked mermaid with tiddies britannia ruling the waves.
  5. I would imagine the same as olav has said will happen.
  6. I like my Pellews sights, because I do love my long cannons. Improves accuracy and gun dispersion. and i may have been reading too much hornblower recently but shutupilikeit
  7. Save up for a bigger ship. For small battles, a snow, mercury or navy brig will be the best you can get.
  8. I do find it a bit irritating when trying to quickly switch broadsides and accidentally clicking before it has gotten to the correct one so I'm stuck on front guns instead of port side for a few seconds :c
  9. I'd have a go at this. I have a decent accent (i think.)
  10. Welcome to NA! Glad you're enjoying it
  11. During a lag spike, I may have hit the battle button a few times too many. whoopsie.
  12. "We are gathered here today to remember the life of SteelSandwich. Why anyone made a steel sandwich we will never know, and how it managed to sail a ship is mystical, but still, it lived and died a hero." "and tasted really really bad"
  13. Lets just end it here. There is literally no gain for either of you to continue.
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