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German economic woes...

Admiral Donuts

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It's Germany, there's peace in 1921. I own 21 provinces including all the original Russian ones, Mongolia, the Aleutians and the Panama Canal. I have 9 CAs, 18 CLs and 18 DDs in-being. All I'm doing is building 9 BBs.

My crew training is turned way down to almost minimum, my transport slider is midway. My economy is the largest in the world with France 2nd, and I'm 3 times their size in GDP. It's an economic upturn, with 15%+ in growth....

...and I'm bleeding $53 million per month.

I've had this before. I'm doing great, well in the positive over $100 million while at war, and in one month I'm at -$100 million, with no change otherwise and no blockade... Has to be a bug.

What gives?


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Anybody else getting this?

Just got out of a war, in which my economy is suffering with everyone a downturn. My head is just above water. Now peace is perpetrated.

After shutting off my navy and my growth going positive, I'm at a solid $65 million per month LOSS.

For Kaiser's sake. I have 54 ships!

JUST ONCE I'd like to finish a campaign without having it degenerate into a a bugged nightmare.

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Sorry, I don't. Maybe there is a problem with Germany. 
In my current campaign (US, start in 1910, normal difficulty), I'm currently in april 1946, my fleet is composed of 78 ships:
4 BB
29 BC
11 CA
34 DD
BB (small super BB built in 1926), all other big ships built after 1935, all refitted 3 months ago. 
No new provinces since start. I lost Alaska few years ago, thanks to the +250PV/turn bug. Science slide and crew slide at max since start. Transport slide at medium since transports reached 200%. 
Last month, during peace, with all my ships "Limited" except 1BC + 1CA at sea, the budget balance was +4M$
Now, I'm at war. With all ships in "Defend", except 1BB + 4BC + 1CA + 4DD at sea, the budget balance is +112M$

Question: what kind of engines do you use on your ships? 

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34 minutes ago, Sandermatt said:

You should see a detailed list of expenses and income, could you post that?

Also, do you maybe overstack a port?

I didn't take a screenshot I will next time, once while it's clean and then again when it's not.

Sure. In this case, Tsingtao contains 3BBs 3CAs 6CLs and 6DDs at all times throughout the campaign. So it isn't that. It's been overloaded since 1894.

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