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Loki joins battle, then escapes...really?

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I was working on leveling up my implacable killing a buc, about an hour into battle a loki jumps in while i'm repairing. And POOF, he's gone.  I had him down to 300 crew, and shredded his sails so he couldn't prevent my repair. So I understand that may be frustrating circumstances for a Loki. But Serriously?  I like the Loki feature, I think it's fun. BUT this is a whole new level of trolling that shouldn't be an option. Part of the risk with the Loki is you may jump into a hopeless situation. Allowing escape is detrimental to the whole mechanic.

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To defend Loki's perspective
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Get rid of Loki! It's a stupid trolling and completely not fair especially when elite ship turns loki. Where is a fun for a player if he is risking his our own crafted and pimped ship and loki is sinking him cause he is just a part of a big fleet that player is trying to sink. Go pvp in your own ships, not loki! I have few hundereds of loki runes - could spend a week just trolling people, but whats the point ? 😕

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