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    Hercules ship feedback

    I really liked my Hercules ;] Had it fully open after few solo fleet missions for 5th rates (to grind it fully took me less time than to do tutorial exams ;]). I had it teak/teak and planing it to use as a raider against traders. I've finished first raid being ganked by Prussian Conni and Bella. Thanks to new chain shot changes I wasn't able to run away from those two powerfull oponents 😕 1. Ship itself - Liked it a lot. At the begining I thought it's 5th rate ;] So I took couple of my NPC Ediminions and do fleet missions agains 3-4 5th rates and was able to survive and trully enjoy sailing and dealinig nice damage. It took me only 3-4 missions to have if fully open and ready to sail. After sailing 5th and 4th rates for a while this one was like a wind for me I have 280 crew with extra hammocks and in upgrades and knowlege slots so had enouh crew to operate all guns/sail and even few spares. I wish I could have it for a bit longer to be able to test it further... I hope one day it will be available in game. Generally having it as a preminum - non tradable/capturable doesn't make a sense for me - they gonna end up as a priceless sign in dock cause people will be afraid to take them out for a ride. I'd love to be able to capture one from somebody... or even buy it for few milions at the market 2. Tutorial - last mission was too hard for me to do without asking for help and watching videos on youtube ;] I did shoot 150-180 mast hits to two cerberuses planing to slow them down/separate and kill one after another... no **ckin way! What I learned from tutorial about demasting is not working in further part during exam (??!!). So eventually capture one of them NPCs at the very begining, jump into it (had 3-4 boadsides of double shots available!!!) and killed other one. For me last exam is stupid cause only one way to pass it... if those NPSc wouldn't be overpowered, whole tutorial would be nice. 3. Chain shot changes - just died thanks to it. Small 6th rates won't have any chance with bigger oponents (expecially with biger numbers of them). Since only 2 broadsides od chain shots available you'd always be overshoot by oponents. And even one agains one - bigger ships have more guns to take your masts down with ball shots. Not fair at all! Sorry for a bit of off-topic. Great ship and I hope to be able to have one more in the future