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MDRA presents: 2nd "Impossible Gunboat Mission" Contest aug 15th (PvE server event)

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also this year we will have an "Impossible Gunboat Mission" public event on PvE Server. This time it will be even more desperate as we will not direct our fearless gunboats against a single First Rate, no, this time we will engage a full HomeDefenseFleet, formerly known as Privateer Fleet!

To make this possible at all, MDRA will use a disposable First Rate + Second Rate (both unarmed) to tag the HDF in Dutch Waters. Contestants in their gunboats (free choice what wood and upgrades) will join this battle and try to achieve as many hull hits as possible on any HDF ship they fancy. Just before you finish (sink or leave) you make a F12 screenshot of your hit counter screen (tab key) and send it later to us for comparing score.

Time for this event will be august 15th, 15 hrs server time UTC. Try to arrive 15 minutes earlier in port of Fort Oranje where contest group will set sail and probably try to find HDF north of Willemstad island, to avoid fortifications.

How to take part?

Apply in game by notifying me, Comte de Cornusiac, of your wish to participate, and prove you have a gunboat by showing it to me. You then pay admission fee of 1000 doubloons. You will then be put on our contestant list. Other ships are not admitted. Applications will get accepted until one day before event. Max number of players seems 23 ships (plus tagging devices) so when this number is reached sooner, no more applications will be possible, except for a 'reserve list' in case of no-shows. Admission fees of absent people will not be paid back. For winning it is not necessary that your boat survives.

Can you win some prize?

Sure, like last year we use the admissions for setting up prizes.

Contestant with most hits on enemy ships receives 60% of all collected admission fees. So, for example if 10 players take part, the first prize earns you 6000 doubloons, with 20 boats that's 12000 doubloons.

Contestant with 2nd highest score receives 25 % of combined admissions.

Contestant with 3rd highest score receives 15 % of combined admissions.

In addition we will distribute donated prizes as specified in following post.


Following Appendix: List of Participants, List of donated prizes and who is supposed to get them.


signed, Comte de Cornusiac

for MDRA, on behalf of the King of France.


Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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List of Participants:

(1) Aeomar (GB - ROHAN)

(2) Abbe Parseche (FR - CLUB)

(3) PsyOn (US - SWOLF)

(4) Bravo 25 Romeo (GB - BBS21)

(5) Zlatkowar (GB - AP) - last year's winner

(6) Andaevinn Svensen (GB - AP)


















Reserve list:

(1) Unsinkable2 (PR, GLORY)




Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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List of Donations for the 2nd Impossible Gunboat Mission Contest:

(1) Elite Note of a 3rd Rate for 1st Winner, Elite Note of a 4th Rate for 2nd Winner, Elite Note of a 5th Rate for 3rd Winner [courtesy Queen Marie Antoinette)

(2) Diana note, courtesy Aeomar (GB).

(3) Académie des sciences de l'Institut de France donates a special prize: 100 edinorog guns to a contestant which figures as having sunk any HDF ship (shown in stats, proved by screenshot), using his gunboat.

(4) Four gunboat notes (not for winners but for contestants lacking boats) from Longbeardos Inko (ES)

(5) Two gunboat notes (same) from Duke of Christiansted IX (PL)

(6) I add 10.000 doubloons from my treasury for stocking up prize money pool, as long as contestant number does not rise beyond 10 persons, for neutralizing effect of too few admission fees having been collected for prizes exceeding entry costs.

Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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