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Explosions in chain of ships

Louis Garneray

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We were in a fight yesterday evening Swedish vs Brits and at some point of the battle one of our ship exploded. Most of us were on brace so we were OK.

One brit was caught by the explosion and then was sinking and burning slowly I think (please anyone who was there please add your version to get a better picture of what happened). But it seems that a second ship exploded and kill all crew on a ship and that one blew up a little after that.

I got killed on the last explosion as I was trying to get the doubloons and repairs out of the killed.

Is it something new those explosion in chain from a dead ship (no crew) or is it a bug?

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It has been that way for a while as far as I know. If a ship loses all its crew due to an explosion and is on fire and not sinking, the fire will increase and it will eventually explode too. Even if it is slowly sinking there is still a chance it can explode.

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