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La Fregate La Tuite aka La Recherche

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Astrolabe is more famous.

I would make a model and name it that if I could.

The first name of l'Astrolabe is la Coquille.

1811-1852, l'Astrolabe in 1825

Plans Pestel

Built in La Ciotat

30,87m - 8,48m - 4,84m - 380tx

8-gun of 6-pdr carronades + 2 12-pdr

Then: 2-gun of 12-pdr + 10 carronades 18-pdr

Sistership (same plan)

30,87m - 8,48m - 4,84m - 380tx

2-gun of 12-pdr + 10 carronades 18-pdr

La Truite: 1811-1832 - La Ciotat

La Lionne: 1811-1852 - La Ciotat

L'infatigable: 1811-1837 - Marseille

L'Émultion: 1811-1845 - Marseille

L'Églantine: ?-1828 - La Seyne

La Marguerite: 1812-1818 - La Seyne

L'Active: 1812-1828 - La Seyne

L'Alouette: 1812-1817 - La Seyne

La Zélé: 1812-1886 - La Seyne (addition of a helix in 1855)

La Lamproie: 1812-1849 - La Seyne (Corvette in 1846)


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This ship, the gabare la Truite had 16 guns in 1821 when it came to Thessaloniki in August, during the Greek Revolution. It left the port of Tulon at June 22 and a letter from Smyrna dated August 7th said that it would go together with other French ships to ports of the Levante where the French wanted to protect their merchants. In Thessaloniki the captain of the ship, Materrer, ordered the local pasha to free the family of the rich Greek merchant Kaftanzoglou as they were protected by the French. He said that if the Kaftanzoglou were not on the deck in 3 hours he would bombard the city.

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