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Quality of life improvements


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Quality of live improvements aren't essential to the gameplay but will usually make the player's life easier and make the gameplay feel more smooth. 

I think of things once in a while but since I don't write them down I've decided to make a list and add to it as I think of things.

Would like to hear your own quality of life changes you would like to see in the game.


Autosave when entering battle

Given crashes and other things that can happen, once the player is ready to enter a battle quite a lot of time has been spent already. I'd like to see autosave trigger once the player enters the battle. Not when just entering the battle overview map but when the battle is actually started. Quite a few times I've had to prepare my fleet again after a crash.


Slider "stop" function

When filling up the ships with men, I would like to see the slider stop when the ship is full. I don't know about you guys but I get small headaches moving the slider back and forth to hit just the right number to fill the ship up or clicking the buttons. There is no real reason to have it keep going and show "overload". If the slider just stopped, it should be clear enough that there is no more space on the ship.


Save during battle

This has been requested by many but I will voice it here again. Some battles are quite long and it would be nice to be able to save the battle in the middle and have a break or to try out different things.


Anything else you would like to see?

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Would recommend that two different auto save slots are used. One slot whenever you start a battle, one slot whenever you end a battle.

Multiple post battle autosave slots would be even better. If the player plays a battle to completion and doesn't like the results then they can go back to post battle autosave 1 and try a different setup. The current system would have overwritten the autosave already  and unless the player created a manual save they would be stuck.

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Maybe if the game allowed for 3 rolling saves.  The places where it Autosaves: Before Battle, After Battle, on Campaign Map, and or Fleet Organization screen. All saves Timed Stamped.

Player could manually but would have to name it differently to try other strategies, because autosave system kick in from what save you start with.

So if you have a main save called Alpha. There would be after 3 autosaves. Alpha1 (current save), Alpha2, (previous save), Alpha3 (previous save).

Alpha1 would load automatically on continue.

to restart from the other 2 autosaves you would have to manually load them.

Any other saves created would have to be renamed (beta) and then subsequently manually loaded.

Also if you continue from a manually loaded save beta. When you enter battle the game would overwrite Alpha 3 as the new AutoSave1..and continue overwriting the autosaves in rotation until that is main save.

It is a system that works well on Football Manager. I'm not sure if I explained it well enough.

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