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20200510004234_1.thumb.jpg.a3fb4a4e4399fb4b70047f06c59927b6.jpgI would like to file a tribunal against player Camoybiuca from shock clan.  He tagged my 3 lgvs and kept me in battle for over 1 hour only shooting my sails.  He insisted i retreat all my ai which I obviously refused.  He then persisted to shoot at my sails from a distance doing little damage but only with the intent to keep me in battle.  I warned him twice of this but he refused.  I dropped sails so that he would leave but he refused and stayed far away just shooting sails.  I asked him to stop wasting my time he refused.

Seems like he finally found some bravery in the last 15 minutes of the battle but unfortunately he sank.  Guess we were all newbs at one point.  He did not seemed too pleased as his last words show.  I was kept 1 hour and 15 minutes in battle by this newb and I do hope something can be done to avoid having players waste other players time like this.





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