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  1. I would like to file a tribunal against player Camoybiuca from shock clan. He tagged my 3 lgvs and kept me in battle for over 1 hour only shooting my sails. He insisted i retreat all my ai which I obviously refused. He then persisted to shoot at my sails from a distance doing little damage but only with the intent to keep me in battle. I warned him twice of this but he refused. I dropped sails so that he would leave but he refused and stayed far away just shooting sails. I asked him to stop wasting my time he refused. Seems like he finally found some bravery in the last 15 minutes o
  2. You will still get the ships carrying the mats for these
  3. Tool crafting should be implement. Workshop could be used for this. Maybe require iron, oak and coal.
  4. Well, nation choice was some time ago and no perks were given with new rules and port wipe. Our problem may soon be solved however.
  5. I agree with the concept of having la navasse and a port on east coast as free towns. During USA times, the main factions are pirates, USA, GB. Playing as French is now very boring since you have to sail alot to get to the USA players or to the GB players. This removes content and is detrimental. The idea of a raid of specific towns can be a very interesting concept to implement and would add fun and excitement.
  6. The rare wood allowed to specialise ships. For hunting you would go towards speed and for pb towards live oak and white oak. Oak or fir ships will not be able to compete with rare wood ships be it in terms of tankiness or speed. Restricting the access to the rare woods is detrimental to the game. There is no fun in crafting anymore. I am sitting on quite a few permits which I do not use since I do not have all the rare woods. I still have plenty of ships left but after wipe this will be a major issue and I am debating whether I will continue playing or not. USA use fir and oak ships and
  7. You can only get teak at Bridgetown now. 350 plus a log (pre-wipe)
  8. At the moment, it is evident that the devs changed the game to force players to buy the dlc by making all good woods very rare, makings permits tedious to obtain, introducing RNG for the ships I want to sail and making ai very tough so you loose ships. When ai 2nd rates can out dps a full maxed (hp and reload) 1st rate something is very wrong. ATM the current level of ai is absurd and I can only imagine what it would be for a new player or how gaining xp will be after the wipe. Most player will not have ships unless they purchase the dlc. Less players = less content. I do not wish to sail
  9. Alts are great to make quick $. See point 9 of my previous post. Alts are also great to intercept players as they are about to enter port and for many other things I think hauling could be made into a content aspect and this could be a fun aspect. In any event, even with the DLC you will need to haul to make $ to buy cannons etc.
  10. I welcome any idea that will make rare woods more available. Although I like the suggestion it will not provide more content and this will be exploited by alts such as the current rare wood producing ports now are exploited by alts. We need to remove the rare woods from a specific location and provide a central location for all. This way there is no exploitation by alts, all have access albeit with some risk and it provides content.
  11. I recently returned to the game after 1.5 years away. Here is what I found: 1. Although I understand the frustration with DLC ships the reality is they add content to the game which is quite welcome. I left the game because I would get fed up of sailing around KPR or Ctown and not finding any targets. Now players come out with DLC ships and redeemable and this gives content. I have fun hunting at KPR or CTown now. Players are not scared to lose the DLC and there is not the usual frustration associated with losing the ship. No threats or comments about giving up the game. This is go
  12. IMO it is ok to chain a player to catch him or slow him down if you are going to engage at some point. 40 min into the battles Colada still had not engaged although he shot sails at a distance for 40 minutes. This is a waste of time and IMO done purely to annoy the other player. We are all here to enjoy playing the game and should not have to endure this. Can you imagine how gameplay would be if the majority of players started to chain at a distance just to keep the battle going with no intent of engaging. Read what I wrote in chat as well as Pina Colada's response. His inte
  13. I had a live oak white oak bridgetown heavy rattle. He was probably fir or bermuda. So he had speed advantage. Also, he only shot sails and repeated it after I repaired sails so my sails were not at 100%. Also hrattle does not have stern chasers so he just keeps shooting sails from a distance. Just to be clear, I was not trying to run and sailed towards him to engage. After 20 minutes of distance kitting I got fed up and sailed away just to have him repeat the distance kitting. He sailed away after 40 minutes without even having fired at my hull. Just endless hitting of sails from a far
  14. He attacked and tagged me. I have no problem in fighting but enduring 40 minutes of at a distance sniping sails is problematic. He never fired at my hull and I gave him the opportunity to run or fight. I did not pursue him when he shot sails. He would move away at a distance and keep shooting sails. The sniping and time waste is the issue with what he did.
  15. I would like to report Pina Colada from Thorn clan for kitting. He tagged me and just stayed at a distance on his prince tagging my sails making me waste my time without engaging even though I gave him the option to fight or leave.
  16. RVR has diminished substantially since timer prices went up. You now have to carefully select the ports you want and want to pay to keep. If you do not put a timer on the port, might as well not take it since it will be flipped during your off hours. The PVE grind is tedious and boring and offers no incentives. The loot mostly consists of rig and hull repairs or useless mods such of the "basic" type. A solution to make it bearable is to give better loot for the PVE grind, same as in OW fleets at least. Also, give silver chests to PB participants and one gold chest at random. Same pr
  17. Maybe if you and your teammates brought your Maseratis(and had sufficient repairs for these) it would no longer be a suicide event ...
  18. I believe that the intent and purpose of the unlimited tows is not understood. I am suggesting that there be unlimited tows but only to the free port that is next to the pvp zone that day. Ship losses are much higher than in OW on account of the nature of the battles and the fact that you cannot exit. If you get on the wrong side of the battle, odds are you will end up losing your ship. If you used up your tow to get a ship there you have to buy a port one. Often there is little to no selection in port and people come out in junk ships which makes for a poor experience since you basically
  19. The pvp zones are proving to be a success in certain areas that are near capitals and popular spots like La Tortue and La Navasse. The pvp zone near Tumbado was less popular and there were less people there. I suspect one of the problems is getting ships and repairs there. There should be an unlimited number of tows to the free town beside the daily pvp zone to encourage participation. Also, Tortue, Tumbado and Aves should offer repairs the same way they are available in Shroud. This will further increase participation in the pvp zones.
  20. Makes perfect sense and could not agree more
  21. Will the hostility levels be announced in combat news? If so, at what percentage and frequency. Now we get an announcement when at 25% but no others. It should be at 5 or 10% increments. It is a pain to log out and log in to see % as update takes too much time. The trolling part is easy to imagine. You divide in 10 players and do separate hostility against 10 ports. Each should show up in combat. Defender will need to dispatch fleets to all of those areas to ascertain size of hostility grinding fleet. Lots of useless sailing and frustration. This makes it very similar to old flag
  22. and to add fun and challenge, we can have greenpeace ships interfere and try to sink us to protect the whales
  23. The point that I am trying to make is that it takes a lot of grinding to replace a lost ship and the refits it has. That this discourages pvp and is detrimental to the game.
  24. Whether in a clan or not, there is a problem with the costs of the refits and also their availability. The going rate for a carta refit is between 3-4 million. Add to that the cost of the other refits and you have a ship cost that can easily 6-7 million if not more. This is lots of grinding even at 500k per mission. During usa times, there are few players in ow. Numbers are up but most stay in the reinforcement zones or in port. This creates a problem for pvp marks but more importantly for the game as a whole. If I have to sail an hour to maybe get some pvp and an hour back this renders
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