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Report for intentionally griefing

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Griefer: Russian Player "seabull"


What happened:


I beated @seabull in todays Patrol Zone 4 mins before maintenance in his Hercules

I sailed back to Shroud Cay and had only 1 min left when i nearly reached Port to redeem my Combat Marks

...in this moment, i noticed  a Russian Herc just had left Port

He sailed towards me and attacked me few seconds before maintenance just right outside the port

When Battle started, i noticed it was the same player, i just sunk

Servertime was aready past maintenance at this time


Proof: Screenshot from 12:00:19 (my timezone is UTC +1 Amsterdam, Berlin)

Notice: Damage to my Le Requin lasted from last engagment


So when Battle started, it was already seconds AFTER maintenance started and he knew this !

His ONLY intention with this attack was, to deny me the redeeming of my Combat Marks !


He had NO intention at all to damage or sink me because there was no time for this


This i call griefing inside the rules of the game



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