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Illegal trade

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Illegal trade.

(reducing alt behaviour)

Perhaps it is an option to introduce illegal trade in the game
for example :

A Dutch port is owned by a certain Dutch clan
but a Spanish alto player who makes an alt in Dutch nationality
has free access to that port.

But this player is not in the list of friends

Is this illegal trade now?
when leaving the port with port goods) this is then contraband

Can the player be confiscated his trade?
is this player flagged with contraband?

Could this player not be tagged and surrender his things? to the legitimate government?

Options to think about.
The pros and cons.

. This promotes the prevention of alt accounts that have nothing to do in the national interest of a nation.

.It promotes the prevention of the theft of trading goods that would be destined for friends of the port.
but by alt account at tower high prices can be bought.

Countering inflation.

. Promoting registration with established clans.

.The usefulness of having a port in the first place.

.Balancing trade in your own nation.

. First step towards a clan-depleted alliance with other friendly clans at trade level.

.he can drop any goods he has onboard (to bring in the port as a trader ) but not buy trade without being flagged with contraband for being a not listed trader.

.the freedom of trade.

But yes .. we play a game with certain rules, which also concern the trade.
Sometimes you do need permission (just look at building ships)

what do you all think about the subject;?

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5 minutes ago, Tomasso il Fortunato said:


Can we punish players with DLC ships as well, it's obvious that DLC ships are alt ships because they don't have to be crafted. Plus, people spending extra money on the game to gain an advantage should be illegal.

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