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Ship loss due to a Patrol zone bug

Pegasus Prime

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I lost my Hercules due to a bug in Patrol zone. I was hunting a Cerberus and he exited Patrole zone and kept firing from there without any penalty to him. After approximately 8 mins I went after him and I lost my hard earned Hercules due to timer countdown hitting 0 and the Cerberus, for all I know, could have stayed there forever firing at me until I sank. The screenshots provided should be enough to compensate me my Hercules back, it doesn't matter what upgrades were fitted on her, I'd just like my tutorial earned Hercules back.

I've sent an in-game bug report but I don't know how or if I can get any answers that way.

Best regards,

Pegasus Prime


P.S. Date and time are in the screenshot names (22.01.2020. aprox 05:55-06:15)







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Captain, there is no bug, the Death Circle does not affect NPC ships to prevent exploits from players.

Actions of others should not influence your combat behavior and warning as many players in combat zone will suicide their captured ships to get a kill or damage. The warning was clearly visible on your screen, when you see outside of combat zone warning you should come back to the combat zone.

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