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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I lost my Hercules due to a bug in Patrol zone. I was hunting a Cerberus and he exited Patrole zone and kept firing from there without any penalty to him. After approximately 8 mins I went after him and I lost my hard earned Hercules due to timer countdown hitting 0 and the Cerberus, for all I know, could have stayed there forever firing at me until I sank. The screenshots provided should be enough to compensate me my Hercules back, it doesn't matter what upgrades were fitted on her, I'd just like my tutorial earned Hercules back. I've sent an in-game bug report but I don't know how or if I can get any answers that way. Best regards, Pegasus Prime P.S. Date and time are in the screenshot names (22.01.2020. aprox 05:55-06:15)
  2. @admin It appears that the DLC ships can be sold once every 24 hours for 26K each. This appears to work the same on both servers. Is this intentional? The DLCs unbalance the economy by reducing and potentially eliminating a player's participation in the craft and resource markets. The cooldown ought to have been a good deal longer to mitigate this. If the release status on Steam precludes adjusting that "upgrading" the DLC with some mutually exclusive choices might help. Such as allowing the DLC user to choose a blueprint instead of the ship itself.
  3. Greetings Captains, i would like to make a suggestions regarding ship DLCs. The big plus i give these DLCs is the fast acces to a ship i can sail out and use in fights. Redeem it -> put repairs on it -> get medium cannons -> sail out. And that is in my opninion the biggest plus in DLCs, when you balance them right (Requin and Herc are still way to strong). So my suggestion: Make Hercules, Requin and future DLC ships craftable and available for all, with the DLC players can redeem these ships once in a certain time without the need to craft them. That way already existent ships can be added as DLCs aswell. You could add the Surprise as a DLC, it is still available for all, but with it you dont need to afford the crafting and can use it for fast PVP. I hope i made my idea clear. Make the fast and easy availabilty DLC exclusive and not the ships. Have a good wind.
  4. Hi So i was sailing my Teak/Wo Bellona around Key West (while it was still spanish) when i was attacked by 3 Hercs The Requin that was escorting me managed to keep them occupied long enough for me to escape after which the chased me all the way till 30k from tumbado when they finally cought up with me (i did a defence tag on first one he stopped to let the second one catch up) and there we go in combat So they were quite close able to close the distance very fast and slightly downwind of me (my best point of escape) . What surprised me was that most shots were bouncing off at bad angles .. shots that would destroy a snow or requin that tried to do the same to me before.. One of them tried to stern-camp me but each time he turned he was taking the full broadside from my 2x longs and carronades on top deck , bellona .. what really surprised me was that the hercules DIDN"T go in reload shock and suffered only minor damage after taking 23 shots ?? All while being over 13.5 knots in OW and at least that much in battle So after few broadsides like this i finally managed to (almost) strip down the armor on that herc and put 8 leaks on him which only served to slow him down slightly Meanwhile the others were working on my sails and crew .. i was down to 65% sails and 400 crew at which point the fully healthy herc stick on my side slightly in front of me angle towards me and start shooting.. doing quite a bit of damage to me but i could only bring 4 guns on him .. My attempts to shake him off were not very succesffull ... The guy was obviusly not a bad player as he was able to use the sails to prevent me from shaking him off .. I managed to get him off twice by pretending to turn into the wind only to turn back down again flip him around and give him the other broadside which again didn't do very much even tho i scored 7 hits (Herc too low in the water?) anyways i died in the end Ok i know 3 herc is death sentance for any lone ship but that being able to sit on my side and do sooo much damage to me while i did so little is BS .. that was before the HP nerf but i don't know how significant was that I feel that full broadside from bellona at this range (100m) should be able to blow a ship like this to bits .. i've sunk or crippled snows and requins that tried to stern-camp me before with a broadside like that but the herc hadly seemed to notice II know i could play better and probably there are people here who would be able to sink 1 of them but before you say something like "You should just stop and board him" pls keep in mind that they would 1. hear the whistle .. able to speed away and even if they didn't and i succesfully board the one guy on my side , the other 2 guys would be able to park behind me and put me in crew shock with grape.. and the damaged herc can always pull away and repair leaving the other 2 on the bellona I like the suggestion that some ppl have posted about musket fire and i do believe that 50 muskets shooting on the deck of that herc from 5-7 meters away would be quite a problem..
  5. Botq

    Cant redeem DLC

    Hello, i have got a problem that i cant reedem my dlc hercules. I just choose woodtype, then click ok and nothing happens. I have enough space in docks so i dont know why it doesnt work ? - btw i did not have reedemed it already And i also couldnt sell my lgv, i just clicked sell, then i confirmed it. It wrote - ship sucessfuly sold - but no money and ship still in docks!! Thanks if anyone has any idea
  6. I just bought the Admiralty Connection and Hercules DLCs. Applying the Admiralty went fine, although I didn't check number of dock spaces, yet. Some people seem to have problems with that, though. After Restarting the game I tried to redeem the Hercules. I had passed the final exam a long time ago. Since I sank my Herc a few days ago and have no notes in warehouses either, technically I should be able to redeem one. The "REDEEM "button in the redeemables menu seems to be without function though. Whenever I click it, nothing happens. Restarting the game OR Steam had no effect. F11 report was sent ingame as well. Does anyone else share that problem?
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