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no, this is a case of some people just projecting their expectations onto the game as facts, without realizing its THEIR vision and never what the devs stated or advertized. i've seen too, some people (not gonna quote names lol) arguing how UA:D apparently sets out to be "the most realistic and historically accurate naval combat game ever made", i feel bad for them, they are just setting themselves up for disapointment lol 😛

there is this devblog https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/post/deep-battle-system

where they mention "realistic"

-spotting and weather


-ballistics, targeting and penetration

-damage system

though even then, what exactly they mean by "realistic" is open to interpretation, especially if you read each paragraph, you'll see for exemple by "realistic ammo", they just mean ships don't have unlimited ammo in the game, and you need to not fire from too far away to not waste them. they don't mean fully realistic ammo like separate stock of HE and AP shells for exemple, which at least as far as we know doesn't seem to be planned at all.

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Fun fact: word "realistic" can be mean anything on advertisement language. From looks of in-game objects - to certain features, such as unit hehavior ("realistic formations") or some mechanics ("realistic shell flight path calculation"). Ironically, the only thing that it does not actually due is informing you of how close to reality the entire simulation would be. Lol.

Given that UA:D is EXTREMELY generalised in matters of ship building, and many tactical behaviors crucial to certain tactics are simply unavailable (for one, I can't order my guns to fire in different moves, such as staggered, salvo, etc. - just "save", "normal" and "aggressive"), personally I am not expecting the game to be very realistic.

Doesn't mean it can't be a good game, though. 

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