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  1. Yes please!!!!!! being able to design both friendly and enemy ships would let us potentially create historial and semi historical battles.
  2. Excited to try out this new patch. Having the ability to design all friendly ships was something I've wanted for a long time
  3. Design your own boat girls when? /s Devs cant hide from us weebs...... we can smell your fear
  4. I was impatient so I decided to give the designer a small try and wow it does feel a lot less restrictive. Cant wait to see what more I can do with this new patch when I get a chance.
  5. Didnt expect the update to come this quickly. Cant wait to try it out once I'm done work.
  6. I am really excited to see how much more freedom we are going to get with part placements now
  7. Theres a discord for ulimate admiral dreadnoughts?
  8. I was thinking of stuff more like this............../s
  9. The true update was the friends we made along the way.
  10. BECAUSE WE LIKE BIG GUNS AND HAVING LOTS OF THEM Now gimme "totally" real vertical stacked quad guns/s
  11. Cant wait to try this update out when it is released. Like everyone else, I'm especially excited to try out the 20 inch and quad guns.(25-30 Inch guns when?/s) Also excited to see what future updates will bring (and still hopeful for a ship designer update)
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