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  1. I was thinking of stuff more like this............../s
  2. The true update was the friends we made along the way.
  3. BECAUSE WE LIKE BIG GUNS AND HAVING LOTS OF THEM Now gimme "totally" real vertical stacked quad guns/s
  4. Cant wait to try this update out when it is released. Like everyone else, I'm especially excited to try out the 20 inch and quad guns.(25-30 Inch guns when?/s) Also excited to see what future updates will bring (and still hopeful for a ship designer update)
  5. Probably said this a million times now but....... are there any planned improvements to the ship designer?
  6. Shhhhh you heard the boy. We aren't allowed to to criticize or give feedback any more/s
  7. Would also love some tools for the ship builder like a offset and a rotate tool (this would help you precisely place things where you want). Also things like towers and barbettes should be a lot less restrictive on their placement too. (I probably sound like a broken record saying that but this is probably the biggest thing I want to see be changed)
  8. Any plans to update/improve the ship builder anytime soon?
  9. HEY! You're not allowed to be having fun in this realistic and historical video game....
  10. But what about a kerbal space program kraken drive that makes you go 5 times the speed of light?!?!?!
  11. Excited to try the new update when I get a day off. Also, are there any plans to make the ship designer less restrictive in the future?????
  12. Seeing people arguing and fighting about this which makes me ask.... how realistic is this game supposed to be? Not what you want it to be but have the devs stated anything?
  13. Just 2 simple questions. What do you want the ship designer to be like in the future? (For example, how restrictive do you want part placement to be) And do you feel like the designer will be updated anytime in the near future? For me personally I would want complete freedom for where stuff can be placed on a hull. I could see some players who play this game for more of its realism not being a fan of that so maybe make a setting that controls how much restrictive it is on placing stuff. Sorry for any poor grammar or spelling.
  14. Super excited for this update.I hope this doesnt sound rude or anything but I have a question. Do you have any idea if or when we could get any news about improvements to the ship designer in the future? For example will placement of some objects like bridges for example become less restrictive in the future or will more tools be added to help design ship like a rotate tool or offset tool. Sorry for any bad spelling or grammar.
  15. An idea that just popped into my head was a spectator mode in custom battles. Once you set up the 2 teams and have designed your ships your can enter into a spectator mode where you could watch the teams Duke it out. This would probably work best if you could design all the ships in custom battle not just 1 (even design the enemy fleet too)
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