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  1. Design your own boat girls when? /s Devs cant hide from us weebs...... we can smell your fear
  2. I was impatient so I decided to give the designer a small try and wow it does feel a lot less restrictive. Cant wait to see what more I can do with this new patch when I get a chance.
  3. Didnt expect the update to come this quickly. Cant wait to try it out once I'm done work.
  4. I am really excited to see how much more freedom we are going to get with part placements now
  5. Theres a discord for ulimate admiral dreadnoughts?
  6. I was thinking of stuff more like this............../s
  7. The true update was the friends we made along the way.
  8. BECAUSE WE LIKE BIG GUNS AND HAVING LOTS OF THEM Now gimme "totally" real vertical stacked quad guns/s
  9. Cant wait to try this update out when it is released. Like everyone else, I'm especially excited to try out the 20 inch and quad guns.(25-30 Inch guns when?/s) Also excited to see what future updates will bring (and still hopeful for a ship designer update)
  10. Probably said this a million times now but....... are there any planned improvements to the ship designer?
  11. Shhhhh you heard the boy. We aren't allowed to to criticize or give feedback any more/s
  12. Would also love some tools for the ship builder like a offset and a rotate tool (this would help you precisely place things where you want). Also things like towers and barbettes should be a lot less restrictive on their placement too. (I probably sound like a broken record saying that but this is probably the biggest thing I want to see be changed)
  13. Any plans to update/improve the ship builder anytime soon?
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