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two identical battle instances

Dalai Lama

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Battle with just bastey and rest AI controlled ships:



Battle with rest of us and russians (i guess)






my ingame name is Dalai Lama

We were in patrol zone... tagged russians (we were in group with 4 players)

At start we didn't notice but we were dragged into two different battles with partially controlled AI ships. (same players in two simultanous battles). So Bastey was in battle with just AI controlled ships even it showed player names... and we were in a player controlled battle with same names at the same time (not 100% sure with the russians in which battle they were but i think mine). The combat news reported the kills twice as well! (see second screenshot)

Wouldn't have been to bad but suddently botaq got kicked into open world as his AI in the other battle left the instance. Then at the end of the battle i was alive as seen in last screenshot but suddently kicked into port and lost my santissima as the AI sailed my ship out of PZ circle in the other battle!?

Really confusing gamebraking BUG...

Can I please get my santissima & upgrades back?

Made a F11 report right after i got kicked into port... no chance to do it in battle

entered port twice too?? (the screen came twice)


Thank you for your help!! and have a merry Christmas!!


P.S.: In a later Battle Botaq got looted while being in a different battle and lost one upgrade from his ship... server has split personality...

(he will provide further info once moderator approved his post)

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When i got dragged out, i got tagged in open world => CF7A75BDAD169BCFA7A80ADF106AFD8984329544

Then for some reason, when some battle ended (im confused, dont know what battle) I got dragged out of this battle into open world, but my "ghost" ship still was in this battle. When They killed it, i lost all my ship inventory (repairs) and 1 upgrade =>



Luckily i made it to port, so i lost only repairs and 1 upgrade

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