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Playing the game for a while on my less-than-stellar laptop has gone well so far, though adding a few more options to play around with the graphics might be a bit more beneficial with regards to framerate, maybe a setting for shadows, heat distortion, sea quality and such will help me avoid decreasing the quality of the ship models. In my opinion I'd readily sacrifice environmental quality for ship quality.

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im sure the devs are going to be taking this into consideration. however, please don't forget this is still Alpha. as ive already said in another post it all depends what graphics engine they have used. engines like frostbite are commonly used in AAA titles, this may not be the case with UAD. the engine they are using may not be aimed at eye candy, but instead aimed at playability. I do hope they implement all you have suggested however. but imo good eye candy doesn't make a good game.....though it helps :D

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