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  1. Before we get the campaign - or alongside it - I wish that the designer should be worked on more. I made a thread about it which I'll link to but the major thing I'd want is to replace the node snap points with a centerline.
  2. Placement: Nodes v Centerline. I've found that the use of nodes to dictate where certain parts of the ship's structure should attach to the ship (superstructure, funnels, barbettes etc) is one of the most restrictive systems when it comes to giving a player the freedom to design their ship. Even now with the addition of Nelson-like points for the normal Yamato hull I find it hard to squeeze in a few turrets. The use of a centerline snapping point with some restriction on the ends will give the player more options when it comes to barbette and superstructure placement allowing f
  3. Playing the game for a while on my less-than-stellar laptop has gone well so far, though adding a few more options to play around with the graphics might be a bit more beneficial with regards to framerate, maybe a setting for shadows, heat distortion, sea quality and such will help me avoid decreasing the quality of the ship models. In my opinion I'd readily sacrifice environmental quality for ship quality.
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