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Last Ship Location intel.


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In my opinion, there is need for adding some sort of system that will tell us where the list time ships where saw.

Now you have only some "notifications" that are telling you about enemy smoke at some direction, but that's work only if your ship can spot the smoke.

It will be easier if i explain my idea based on the situation i have encountered right now.

I was playing pre-drednought conflict, in some point of the mission, i was called out for dinner by my grandmother, i have ordered my ship to shoot at the enemy BB and sail in his direction, (because when i was giving control to the AI, they decided to retreat) when i got back, i didn't see BB and the last one TB, i couldn't complete the mission because of that, in the upper side of the screen, we have information about every enemy ships, they armament, armor, damaged modules... but no information about their last heading or location.

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