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  1. TB is a same... a destroyer. But earlier era, WW1 and pre-WW1.
  2. Yorcktown max is 82 planes, Essex - 85 planes, Enterprise - 80.... okay Midway 95 planes and at least 40 of them is, Hellcats or Bearcats, and only the rest are TBD Devastators(payload max 700kg) or SBD Dauntless(payload max 1080kg). What a Hellcat payload is? Oh dear... 1025kg same as Bearcat, Mark7 16" shell - 1200kg,Yamato's 18,1" shell even heavier - 1460kg. Max plane in flight operation for a carrier, 42. From which just a half is strike force what means 20 tons max against 22 tons of guaranteed steel from BB. Hit accuracy rate - 11,8% against 18% of an BB's heavy armament. Plus
  3. You meant increased rate of "detonation"? Am-I-rite?))) Just pop-out of a combat in safe distance, like about 20km(12 miles), load a pipe and dive again. That's how usually DD's do... and definitely not loading an 600 kilos of explosives under heavy enemy fire. Am-I-rite? Than we need kind a none safe zone circle in game, when you come out of it, your torps began to reload/freezing timer.
  4. I mostly agreed with all you said EXCEPT this part. And you know why... In modern attempts of history review people talking about War on a Pacific, which no doubt have a great naval battles as a part of a naval history. But, it wasn't a Main Part. And wasn't a start at all. Just let's spin the ball and go back where it starts, Atlantic theatre. And the main class of torpedo warfare of an whole XX century - A submarine Warfare. Designed as a stealthy weapon both sub and the torps very fast become an First Encounter Weapon, what means that torpedo is an major naval assault weapon. And often
  5. Type 7A and Type 7M destroyers actually can, but torpedo reload where mostly manual... and probably only in "out of combat" situation. If you are looking for arguments to hold your ground take a look on Storozhevoi and later Novik classes, G and V-class German Destroyers and US destroyers Clemson-Class. Due to light and compact torpedoes they had, and where designed to be able reload T-Tubes during combat. Other examples are only Italian and French destroyers since Jaguar/Vauquelin and Le Fantasque class. Oh yeah.... those lads CAN.
  6. Before we all continue to gently throw a poo on a fan pointing it at each other... let's firstly make an analysis of a Perfect Torpedo Destroyer in theory and how would it work on practice in all kind of circumstances. Just let's be honest... tonnage sunk by torpedoes in WW2 are slightly much greater than by any other type of naval weapons including aerial bombardment due massive damage to floatage.
  8. Actually not, it's a torpedo cruiser-destroyer. And never where a DD. Difference between TB and MTB is same as between Lamborghini Diablo and Fiat Punto. Torpedo Boat - is a name of mostly Whitehead Torpedo armed destroyers where torpedoes are main armament and which designed to "dive" on a group of ships in open sea to make torpedo soup . MTB - is just a motor torpedo boat for coastal operation only.
  9. We not talking theory... we talking practice, we talking - Jutland, sir.
  10. Huh... effectiveness, I think they mean: - Q Quantity. As more as merrier. 🎃
  11. Let's start with": a) Amount of torpedoes in salvo b) Operational range c) ...see IJN Shimakaze 🎃
  12. 1st... in WoWS despite their "balancing" mechanics U still can pent through the "roof" tried on all levels. But about "how" I'll shush. Angling can benefit but... most of your ship structure made from just constructive hardened steel from 20 to 50mm, which just don't stop even 11" APC/CPC shell due shell's weight, speed (sum of it called - "shell drag", don't know does it correct name on english). Otherways made whole ship from one solid peace of steel, or angling just don't work. Plus to that AP shell entering an constructive steel just literally "fix&hold" it's angle... and start "
  13. Hope not, we already got limited design in DD/TB and CL. I'm not talking about such "weirdos"like i-400. But, actually fine ocean going sub with tremendous fire power can and must be allowed to be done.
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