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Steam is up, but I can not join PVP server, game stuck at loading screen after selection of the char. I can log in to PVE server without problem.

same error here - stuck in loading.... see you tomorrow boyz

Are you 100% sure its not a server side issue? cause other games load up fine and the NA pve server works fine too. 

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1 hour ago, Parizel said:

Yup still have my original issue of not being able to connect to the server when on my university internet. A VPN works just fine to allow me to connect but I rather not rely on that forever.

Captain, unfortunately this is a local case and there are issues related to your ISP.

Here is a standart workaround to fix such issues:

Please check that router/software is not blocking ports 7770, 8089, 5672, 5222, 8080, 21020-21036, 7401-7600 for the game, also turn off all programs which use internet heavily (like torrent programs, netflix clients), disable antivirus, turn off k9 web protection filter or similar to that filters

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