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the unsinkable TB


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ive been struggling to sink torpedo boats whenever i encounter them. had a lot of goes in the BB vs TB before i won it and that was down to luck in the end. now however im struggling in the DD vs TB mission ive tried spamming cheap DDs with lots of 2" and 3" guns to having more advanced 5" equiped DDs and torp spammers but i just cant put them down. the CAs put each destroyer down in a single hit no matter how i build them. its really depressing to watch 5 DDs with 5 of the most accurate 5" guns each spend 25 minutes pummeling a stationary TB at 1.5 KM and do less than 20% structure and zero flooding.


what the hell is going on here? why are TB so bloody tough? is it the fact they always have max bulkheads? how do you get round them being impossible to hit?

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it's a known issue and they are already planning to patch it next update, and probably keep an eye on it still.

it's a mix of multiple things why they are so hard to kill,

-first off, they always give a flat Half-accuracy (-100%) debuff to any ship targeting them due to their small size, which imo is too much, and should at least gets reduced to almost no debuff when you get close to them

-second, damage from near miss by big HE shells is not implemented right now in the game, and such small flimsy boats whould suffer the most from it of any ships in the game

-third, they dont take nearly as much flooding as they should from a tropedo hit, the game still seems to treat them and how they deal with flooding as if they had the hull divided in dozens of longitudinal and transverse sections each sealed off with waterproof doors as in a big ship... which is obviously not actually the case in a torpedo boat.

-fourth, the game gives an accuracy debuff for when the target is moving transversally very quick compared to your ship, which is why when you are zipping past them in your DD from 1Km away, your accuracy drops to near zero inspite of the short range, bcause the game "thinks" and treats it as if they were moving relatively to you at hundreds of knots in terms of how the accuracy is calculated.

-finally, it's due to how the damage model works in general: to sink a ship from structure damage you need to get near 100% of its compartiments red, and if a red compartiment takes a hit no further damge is done, which is why after a while when most of their compartiments are red but a few green or yellow ones remain below the waterline, near the bow or near the stern, they can basically tank infinite hits as long as you arn't lucky to hit them exactly in the one compartiment they have left that is still green.

torpedo boats and smaller ships in general should be given far less compartiments (if not only 1) than big ships, but they currently have a basically comparable amount

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ahh thanks for the feedback, i had suspected the compartmentalising had been what was to blame but i didnt realise the accuracy worked like that so that will make some changes in the future.

i got 9 out of 10 in my last attemp but i ran out of time. i just used 6 slow dds with 10 centerline 2" gunswith heavy liddite HE rounds and it was much more effective than the 5" spam id done previously. but ill wait til its patched and see how it goes then

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If you've ever played Killerfish Games's turn-based Atlantic Fleet and/or Pacific Fleet, then you should be rather frustrated with the abovementioned mechanic...

I played through the Battle of the Atlantic mode, and since I'd sunk so many of the British capital ships so early on, about 60% of their convoys were only escorted by 1 - 2 DD's.

If I was playing in, say, a Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, or basically anything with 11in guns or above, I could simply switch to HE and with even a near miss I would usually destroy at least one module on the ship. Also, Atlantic Fleet's 'sinking mechanic' basically revolved around hits below the waterline, although DD's seemed to be an exception to that rule in that even one to three main battery hits would sink it instantly.


I've also noted that when looking at the damage reports popping up overhead the ships that TB's can take around... maybe... 5000 struc.dmg. before sinking, or, alternatively, about 5x Flooding due to their CA-grade bulkheads.

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