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Reloads, Torpedoes, and gun acc


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So far the game is quite enjoyable however a few things I've noticed while playing seem like they could be changed.

1. Reloads: Reloading so far can be cut down quite a lot by using the Automatic Reloader but I've found that this is mediocre at best. For example: a 13in, twin turret roughly with 1913-14 era tech has a reload of almost 55 second-ish (If i remember correctly, my game currently CTD's which is a different story). This seems like way to much. By this time these Pre-Dreadnought era reloads were cut down considerably and reloads could be done in ~30 seconds or even less (SMS Bayern could fire at 23 seconds). I would like to see more realistic reloads.

2. Torpedoes seem relatively ineffective even with max torpedo size. For example: when in the "Torpedo the Dreadnought" mission, it takes 7+ torpedoes to finally do the job. Even on Pre-Dreadnoughts it takes 5+ torpedoes. This seems like way to many even with TPS 1-2. 

3. This is two parts the first is: why can't I hit anything at 200m or less whilst damaged? Yes I get it, not everything is going to hit blah blah blah but it just seems that when you get to a ridiculously close range, sometimes even though I could shoot the ship I could throw the shell and have it be more accurate. The second portion to this is shell trajectory. If i'm aiming my twin barreled gun at something and both guns fire at the same time, it would be reasonable to assume (given that wind, humidity, same powder charges are not a factor) that both shells with travel near each other to the target. In game this happens most of the time but other times it seems like one shell flies on a widely off trajectory. I'm not advocating 100% hit rates but visually I would like to see shells not flying off independently of one another.

I have some more suggestions but I have yet to find a dedicated suggestions thread bc i'm probably dumb lol

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Good points. I too have found the torpedos to be pretty underwhelming.  On Torpedo the Dreadnought I've done 6+ plus hits with no luck.

Good info on SMS Bayern. Didn't realize she could fire that quickly.







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I wasn't sure if this is a bug or feedback I should submit but are guns of the same type reloading and firing together or do they operate independently?

The sequence of events I think I'm seeing goes something like this:

  1. Two main guns, one fore and one aft are loading
  2. Both guns are loaded and the fore gun can come to bear on the target but the rear cannot
  3. The fore gun fires and starts reloading
  4. The ship turns to where the aft gun is aimed at the target as well
  5. The fore gun is still loading, the aft gun does not fire
  6. The fore gun finishes loading and then both fore and aft fire
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2 hours ago, Haveatya said:

I agree that the torpedo's damage is underwhelming, I've only been playing a day and find that Destroyers aren't worth anything because torpedoes are very easily avoided by the AI and even when they do hit, they cause minimal damage.

In the modern battleship mission I just let the destroyers fire their torps as they do minimal damage and I don't want to have to take an accuracy penalty.

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