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MDRA presents: "Light my Fire!" - PvE server fireship contest, Sep. 21st 2019

Cetric de Cornusiac

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After the success of our "Impossible Gunboat Mission" contest in may 2019, of which a second will be planned for sometime later this year, French clan 'MDRA' is proud to present a new type of contest for players on PvE Peace Server. This time it is:

"Light my Fire!"


(Painting "Fireships on the Hudson River" by Geoff Hunt. A scene from the American War of Independence, 1776.)

As you can guess or read in the headline, this is for fireships. This first time 4-5th rate fireships, to be precise. Players can take part with a 4-5th rate ship of their choice, if equipped with fireship upgrade or not is also their choice, we will not demand it, but it certainly will help you fulfill your task as fireship and make you burn or explode as intended.

The admission fee for this event is 5000 doubloons and 10 combat medals, paid in advance to Cetric, Comte de Cornusiac, the organizer of this event on behalf of His Majesty's French Navy. After having paid your name will be listed in this thread as acknowledged participant. If you show up or not, is your responsibility and does not entitle you to ask back the fee in case you don't.

We will search and attack a target NPC fleet of similar size like the group of contestants signing up, presumably in Dutch waters around Willemstad and against Dutch NPC. This unfortunately means Dutch players this time cannot take part.

You score points on enemy ships by either putting it aflame by your own ship or your cannonfire, or by damaging it by your explosion, or by destroying the enemy ship by your explosion. Multiple scoring is possible (fire + fire, fire + damage, fire + sinking) across several targets. Setting in flames, damaging by explosion and sinking by explosion are scoring differently and in increasing rewards. But be careful with using cannons: ships sunk by cannonfire will not bring you score (only when they burn) and in fact it will be disadvantageous for you to sink a ship thereby, because you are depriving yourself and the others of a target for other methods which will indeed score. Your composition of guns, their number, their use of ammunition type is unrestricted. You may even go without any guns at all, but that means no inflamation by cannonfire will be possible and you harder get the attention of NPC. The choice of your tactics is yours.


(1) Each ship being set aflame by your ship earns you 10 points multiplied by remaining minutes of the battle countdown timer.

(2) A ship being damaged by your ship exploding earns you 15 points multiplied by remaining minutes of battle countdown timer.

(3) A ship being sunk by your ship exploding earns you 25 points multiplied by remaining minutes of battle countdown timer. Double BR of that sunk ship is added to score.

Any combination of scoring methods is possible. A survival of your fireship is not producing any points, in fact fireships are planned to be lost in action. If you try to reach a top score, the best way is possibly to set more than one NPC ship aflame BUT avoid own explosion until the very last time, but then explode into the face of a big ship and hopefully sink it thereby. The sooner the better (battle countdown is influencing score).


Each contestant has to run a video recording* of his performance as to prove his scoring. In that video you are obliged to hit the battle result screen (tab) each time you think you have scored by having caused a fire or damage by explosion, so the count of damage shows up in the footage. Video material has to be handed over to organizer for calculating the score. No video cutting and editing is allowed of evidence material. It may get published in this thread and you consent to that by giving to event organization.


Player with highest score will receive 50 % of all doubloons and combat medals collected from participants.

Player ranking second in score will receive 33 % of all doubloons and combat medals collected from participants.

Player ranking third in score will receive 17 % of all doubloons and combat medals collected from participants.

Special prizes are possibly being added by donations, as specified in following posts, and add up to the assured prize. Contest organization will hold back nothing for themselves.



Admitted players will learn about a meeting point where to assemble the fleet on sep 21st, 2019, scheduled for 3 hours after maintenance of server on that day. From there, the fleet will search an appropriate target of Dutch nationality, and event organizer will initiate battle where everyone is supposed to follow into. You only bring a single ship and no fleet ship with you.



For 'MDRA', Marine du Domaine Royal aux Antilles,

Cetric, Comte de Cornusiac

By order of the King.



*you may use open source free video recording software, such as OBS studio.

Edited by Cetric de Cornusiac
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Just now, Gilles de Rais said:

Really i respect playing on PVE Server, but If you are bored so much that you need this weird competition ... maybe give PVP a try ?

(1) Who said I am "bored so much"?

(2) What can be seriously said against playermade content?

(3) I have been half a year on PVP server. No thanks.

(4) Please abstain from commenting on this thread if you are no player on our server.

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Official Participation List:












Event organization is assuming a maximum of ten will be allowed and a minimum of five contestants will be necessary for this event. In case we cannot find more than four players up to sept 20st, the contest will have to be cancelled and players who paid already their admission will receive full refund.

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Event organization hereby cancels fireship contest planned for next saturday, due to having so far no applications as contestants. Despite almost daily advertising in global chat on PvE, we could not find ANY applicants and therefore have to give up hope this event could take place. Chances we would find five players in remaining three days are too low, and having to beg isn't so entertaining either.

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