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Lost my Wasa during the server hotfix this morning.


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Several people including me were doing a hostility mission for Tulum.  After being kicked out the first time my ship was sitting in OW after server was back up fully repaired, no hostility was generated.  I entered a hostility mission again and this time in the heat of the battle I lost control of my ship and the game kicked me out again as the server was shut down AGAIN.  By this point I had to go to doctor's appointments.  I just returned home and logged back into game, in port, no ship, with a kind letter from the admiralty.

I had a WO/WO Wasa, fully gunned with longs and carros, cartegena caulking, british refit, and british gunners.  It was very cramped but to be honest blue 3 slot.  Built by me in Truxillo with Hull4 Crew4 Gunnery4.

Thank you in advance.

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