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  1. Absolutely love these two proposals.
  2. Privateer fleets will track, chase, tag and wreck you if your BR is above 100. They will not chase a LeReq (100 BR) but will chase down a Hercules (110 BR). If delivering to an enemy capital area take a trader brig with 1 trader brig in fleet (90BR total).
  3. @admin Small clans hold a lot of these small satellite ports, and some of these small clans make NO income from taxes. These small ports are now bang on the front line which means defense timers are vital. I would strongly suggest reduction of the timer cost for a tiny port to at least not be so prohibitively expensive. Some of the larger clans are making 10s of millions in taxes, this new mechanic puts a severe disadvantage to defending the front line.
  4. Serious question for the Devs, since seasoned shed permits only drop from PVE PB raid chests... what about the other 8 nations in the game?
  5. Random port bonus Permanent slots are RNG, usually 3, sometimes 4, and very rarely 5 Knowledge slots as per usual.
  6. Really enjoyed this movie, and you should take a look at the Prince of Orange's yacht, it looks very familiar. 😎
  7. You have a ping of like 20. It makes a difference.
  8. Several years ago I would redeem my yacht and pass it to another for the coolness it brings, would like to see it as trade-able again.
  9. You could log in, but every action was laggy and buggy, then tried to leave port and was underwater... back in terminal loading screen again. At least Steam authorization is working for the PVE server, maybe use the same protocol for PVP because PVE is having NO ISSUES, or Steam just does not like PVP
  10. They need to change the server announcement to "Server downtime 60 to 300 minutes"
  11. When I finally installed the discord app a few months ago it caused the game to crash and freeze on me until I figured out how to turn off all the intrusive pop ups.
  12. You character's Navy rank is irrelevant. Your crafting rank=X labour hours per hour generated. Only way to increase your character's craft rank is building ships.
  13. Atreides

    1v1 zone bug

    OK, so I was in a Hermione, and went into Battle with [RED]Pobol. We fought and left the circle about 20 seconds apart. Trying to turn back in he pulled me into a boarding as timer ran out. I sunk but still in boarding, he sunk still in boarding. After a few rounds we both died and wound up in Tumbado. We Both received credit for 1v1 kill. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug. If a bug Pobol would have won the boarding, and I will give up the two combat barks. Never seen this.
  14. You're right, I am not going to argue with you. ZERO credit for attacking a trader with a 5th rate warship. None, nada. And I have sunk and capped several with a trade brig/snow.
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