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Question a out mods and gunnery for pvp



Hello captains.

Because I was before the wipe just an captain with shorten options on ships wood types upgrades etc I wanna end this right now and wanna start make it right from the beginning. So far the grind was... Meh. No books.  But rest is fine.  So I was again in the hard choice between carros meds and longs. Normally I did go for longs all the time. Right now because of heavy prices I go for meds. They are fine. Now I saw the navy gun. As I look at it it's a better medium gun. I never tested it but how is its fly curve? Like a long gun? Like a medium  gun? 


As also the upgrades are not that  game changing as before I am still looking a bit confused what should I get for pvping arround. 


Before wipe I did go with 5% more pen. French rig. And if I had copper. But mostly navy hull with 2.5% speed. 


After the wipe I have no idea because new stuff was coming and so on.  So what's your choices for pvp ship.     Or what mods do u use mostly for pvp? 


My English could be a little bit crap so don't mind me here, and I write the text on the phone. Hope autocorrection or my fingers didn't make a mistake 


Good sailing captains 

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Es gibt nebenbei ne deutsche Forumssektion, falls Du mit Englisch nicht so zurecht kommst. Ansonsten schieß mir gerne ne PM rüber mit allen Fragen, die Du hast 😃

General answer:

  • Obusiers: Carronades with less damage overall but more damage on crew
  • Congreves: Medium guns with lower damage and penetration but faster reload
  • Blomefield: Long guns. More damage, faster reload, slightly less penetration. Basically right between mediums and long guns on dmg/reload but with precision of longs
  • Navy Guns: Long guns. More damage (but less than blomefield). Exactly the same as longs in all other stats.
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