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Is Teamspeak safe ????



Please delete this post if it is inappropriate, or if I am contravening some rule.  I am posting it sincerely with hope for assistance.  Apologies in advance if it offends the Devs, or the moderators.

I have been using Teamspeak  to communicate with friends since 2009.  Just recently I was advised that TS3 is dangerous and it is easily used as a portal to infect my system with virus(s).  Helpful players was suggested to Google it to find out more info, and that Discord is safe.

Well I googled it and found lots of old posts that TS3 could be unsafe and as many that it is safe.  When I Googled Discord I found that same controversy.  Many users suggesting Discord is unsafe and others adamant that it is okay.

Can anyone help.  With references. 

NOTE:  Please don't go off topic and start discussing preferences unrelated to safety.  I am only concerned with the RISK that TS3 or Discord may pose to my system.  I'm not interested in why some players like TS3 or why they like Discord.  Just safety please.

Respectfully submitted in the hope I have not broken some sort of rule.



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8 hours ago, Macjimm said:


To put it quite simply, the apps are by nature harmless. Discord is only an instance of a web browser and you're not in any danger whatsoever provided you do not click untrusted links or download strange files. TS3 is the same in that is has no danger unless you click unknown links or download unknown files. You are completely safe on either to the extent that you act responsibly.

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