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Issues with Stones River map


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So I've played through Stones River a bunch of times, one of my favorite battles in the game. But there are some significant issues with it that I think would be easily fixed:

1) A bunch of fords were missing. I thought this when looking at the in-game map, then I went to Stones River battlefield in person on a trip to visit family nearby, and walked the area and talked to the park staff and confirmed that there were in fact passages where I thought there were at the time. There is one in particular that would make a big difference to the battle, which I've attached a picture of. Based on research I did, that one was a major factor in the battle, and every time I've played the battle I've wished it were there.

2) The Northern side/Murfreesboro - this battle was fought to get at/defend Murfreesboro, and there was a lot of maneuvering and fighting on the northern side of the river. In the game nothing happens over there. I would suggest adding a victory point to the Confederate defensive position or to the woods behind it, to encourage the Union to make a counter-attack there. Because as it is a huge and decisive part of the historical battle doesn't even have the potential to occur.



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24 minutes ago, Captiva said:

I may be recalling incorrectly, but doesn't the major fighting north of the railroad tracks occur during the final phase of Stones River?

I've never had anything happen up there in 6+ playthroughs and I just ran through a test before posting this to see; even deliberately doing as poorly as possible as the Confederates, the Union doesn't move over there. The combat along the north-eastern ridge along the river was a big part of the actual battle and I think it's a shame it doesn't show up at all in  the game. 

They could also add in the supply train with reinforcements, but that would be a much bigger change!

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I've been to the battlefield as well, and I believe the main action north of the railroad tracks was at the point where the Union forces on one side of Stones River were defending against the Confederates attempt to cross the Stones River. So maybe the scenario simply leaves out any actions too distant from that immediate area.

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