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  1. I've never had anything happen up there in 6+ playthroughs and I just ran through a test before posting this to see; even deliberately doing as poorly as possible as the Confederates, the Union doesn't move over there. The combat along the north-eastern ridge along the river was a big part of the actual battle and I think it's a shame it doesn't show up at all in the game. They could also add in the supply train with reinforcements, but that would be a much bigger change!
  2. So I've played through Stones River a bunch of times, one of my favorite battles in the game. But there are some significant issues with it that I think would be easily fixed: 1) A bunch of fords were missing. I thought this when looking at the in-game map, then I went to Stones River battlefield in person on a trip to visit family nearby, and walked the area and talked to the park staff and confirmed that there were in fact passages where I thought there were at the time. There is one in particular that would make a big difference to the battle, which I've attached a picture of. Based on research I did, that one was a major factor in the battle, and every time I've played the battle I've wished it were there. 2) The Northern side/Murfreesboro - this battle was fought to get at/defend Murfreesboro, and there was a lot of maneuvering and fighting on the northern side of the river. In the game nothing happens over there. I would suggest adding a victory point to the Confederate defensive position or to the woods behind it, to encourage the Union to make a counter-attack there. Because as it is a huge and decisive part of the historical battle doesn't even have the potential to occur.
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