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Unit size

van Veen

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In my first campaign as Union I also used regiments of 2000 in size. But playing as CSA now, I simply cannot maintain this large number due to shortage in both, weapons and men. To reduce cost, I found a way to create 2 star units without spending a single dollar on veterans. When creating a new unit, I give them cheap smoothbore muskets and 2000 men, while my standard unit size is around 1200. I put the rooky regiment in the first line to absorb most damage and get lots of kills. After they have a little more experience, the unit gets good rifles, but I do not replace the lost men. Once the unit size is at 1300, the unit usually got a second star or is at least very close to getting one.  

Now the question is if there is an impact on the enemy size and experience if I have very inhomogenous unit sizes?

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Thank you for the reply. So, does the AI scale to my overall corps/army size, just the units I bring into battle or some kind of average?

I am playing with UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.6 on legendary. I realized that charge cavalry and skirmishers are so much more efficient with this mod that I restarted my CSA campaign introducing sniper and charge cavalry units a lot earlier than before. Nice job on the mod, BTW 👍

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van Veen,

Once the battles get toward Shiloh, what works for me are Southern Brigades of 1800 infantry, cavalry of 750, and artillery units of 24 guns.

If you haven't already, I suggest you look at my posts at




as to philosophical and tactical means that have been successful for me.

I start allocating my points toward army organization and politics to assist me in creating the largest possible Southern army, and for me, the philosophy changes when going toward Washington to get MANY more cannon to help in both the attack and the defense.


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