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Port Battle BR Calculator

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Easy to use BR calculator to set up your ideal PB combination. 


1. Ship name has BR next to it as reference. Reference BR is not calculated. 

2.Copy and paste BR x times. If you are taking 3 Victories paste 600(1) 600(2) 600(3) = 3 ships.

3. Rate BR is calculated horizontally.

4. Grand BR Total is calculated vertically. 

5. Compare your total to PB size. 

* enter 0/blank if you do not take that ship



Please report any errors below. 


Pin this if you can. 


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5 hours ago, George Washington said:

Easy to use BR calculator to set up your ideal PB combination.


Thanks for getting this done so quickly, George.

I have added a few functions, created some explanations, and changed the formatting some. I tried to set it up like a planner for pb participation.

Note to all... this spreadsheet is not editable. You need to make a copy on your google drive or download a copy.

Port Battle BR Calculator v1.2

Edited by Farrago
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