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Nick Thomadis

Reviews collection (Updated 10/7/2015)

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Here we will list any online reviews of the game we find ourselves or you recommend to us:


EARLY ACCESS PERIOD (Buggy state, Unfinished product)


----English Language---


“What I played was...fantastic.”



“If you're a strategy fan, you should definitely keep Ultimate General on your radar.”

(Game Watcher ex: Strategy Informer)


This is the way a Gettysburg game should be made. Between the Incredible Map, intuitive gameplay, and Line of Sight system I know of no other Civil War game that can compete with how awesome this game has become.”


"A refreshingly crisp and astutely focused look at one of the greatest 19th century battles."

PC PowerPlay 


"Ultimate General: Gettysburg does a great job of being simple enough for anyone to learn in a short sitting, but deep enough to keep you learning and perfecting your tactics deep into subsequent playthroughs."

Hooked Gamers 


"Ultimate General: Gettysburg certainly does have the feel of a board game, albeit one whose pieces are perpetually churning in their own independent motions."



"It’s not just Gettysburg’s importance to the Civil War that makes it such a perfect canvass for a wargame. It’s that the battle has a rare combination of balance, geography, and dynamism that make for an exciting wargame."



"Based on my first impressions of the game, there are several things worth noting that contribute to making Ultimate General a rather fun game. For one, the AI of the enemy is absolutely ruthless, and with nine different options for how the AI behaves, every battle and every scenario can turn out differently from the last."



"Ultimate General: Gettysburg can appeal to both the casual gamer as well as the hardcore tactician. Thomadis has learned well from his days as a modder and emphasized the things that make for a good, replayable wargame: A.I. behavior, a balanced battle speed, and a multitude of scenarios."



----Other Languages----


-GameStar- (German)


POST RELEASE v1.0 and higher


----English Language----


"Though the graphics engine is simple, the landscape is very detailed and looks outstanding like the little miniature model landscapes table top war gamers put together if you are familiar with that."


"This is a wargamer’s dreams realized. Even if Gettysburg isn’t your historical battle of choice, it is one you should not miss playing. Game Labs’ vision of Gettysburg a blueprint for the future of the Ultimate General series to succeed going forward, and presents the RTS genre with new and exciting ways to play that I enjoyed so thoroughly."

SavingContent Rating: 4/5 


"Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a game light on content but choke full of tactical options. It doesn't require lots of study and patience to learn any complex system... which is the biggest achievement of this game."

Malaysian Gamer


"Ultimate General: Gettysburg finds a perfect balance point between history, the depth that wargamers crave, and the effortless simplicity that makes it instantly appealing to a broad audience."



"Ultimate General: Gettysburg is both very beautiful, astonishingly unforgiving and unfathomably destructive, as well as delivering gritty realism on the most important days of the American Civil War."

ArmChairGeneralSite 9/10


"I found this to be a very fun and unique take on the genre."

DarkStation 90/100


"A real-time strategy game more for the armchair general than the real-time strategy gamer."

Gamer's Temple 80/100


"Even though Ultimate General: Gettysburg offers just one historical event, there is enough variety to make your next play-through different than the previous one."

Riot Pixels 77/100


----Other Languages----


-GameWorld.gr- (Greek) Rating: 7.5/10


-HistoriaGames-  (French) Rating: 8.5/10


-OynFest- (Turkish) Rating: 80/100


-Eurogamer.it (Italian) Rating: 80/100

"Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a prêt-à-porter RTS, very easy to pick up but difficult to master and quite varied despite the apparent monotony of the single setting available. The tablet derivative movement system is a major flaw, but for 12 euros on Steam, you can live with it and smell musket powder for months."


-PuntoVG.it (Italian) Rating: 8.5/10

"Buy it with your eyes closed because it's really worth it to immerse yourself in the American Civil War."


-Gamers.cz (Czech) Rating: 80/100

"Perfect strategy, suitable either for demanding old school turn-based strategy lovers, or for RTS fans spoiled by the user-friendly controls. A bit limited selection of scenarios and not-so-good artillery controlling are the only flaws spoiling the great game."

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Added Gamers.cz review
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It is an amazing achievement for such a small DEV house that only a few, really deep into this kind of things, can really reckon it.

I am one such person and when I say it, not being the press, it means it's true.


FFW in time 1 year from now and you'll see half of its full potential developed. :)

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Metacritic Review


Sep 13, 2015
Experience a part of American history and download one of the finest Civil War games ever made! Control your troops of infantry, artillery and Calvary in an effort to capture specific objectives on the battlefield. You'll learn to make use of cover, supporting fire, flanking movements to defeat the enemy

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