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Flag Exploit by Smuggler TLynx

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Yesterday, 6-7-2016, the French mainly Guillaume Longheuse, used a Flag exploit with a Traderlynx with the Smugglerflag by hopping in and out of Port Antonio untill it was planted.








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Please don't delete this, I know it isn't part of the tribunal, but it is a suggested fix.


You shouldn't be able to to purchase a flag if smuggler is activated.  If you buy a flag, you shouldn't be able to activate smuggler.  Hopefully this is a simple fix.

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My story: I left Les Cayes in trader lynx with the flag for Port Antonio. My objective is to put the flag, before a possible English block. So, alone, with a flag, I put myself into smuggler, if for X reason I need to hide myself in the port, because you know, recently a cutter can tag an entire fleet (which happened 4 times last night), and time become more important than before.


I was tag at two occasions in front of Port Antonio. I can stay in the lobby battle, waiting for our fleet, but I don't really like that, so I choose a more "role play" option: hidding myself into the port. I find this way more funny, imagine myself and my men running and hidding in an ennemy city. (that's why I think a smuggler with a flag can enter in a port... but sure, can't be abble to do anything when he puts the flag).


And I wait. A lot. Our first rate fleet dont come very fast... Like I said, they are attacked in four occasions and lost much time. Spanish ally outside cant tag every ennemies screen ships. I try in multiple occasion to go out, but I was attacked every time. So, desesperately, hidden in a Ingermanland during few seconds in front of the port, I try to put the flag 30s before the flag expiration.


Again, I was tag, so I come back to the port, and leave in one direction: home. And the battle start... I was the first surprised, Thinking it was the english flag like all french during a few seconds, and instantly make a bug report.

Edited by Guillaume Longueheuse
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