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Port Battles for Beginners

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Had a few folks ask me to put up a vid explaining Port Battles. There are lots more subtleties but they would just confuse. Steady your self for some graphics that make the ingame menu's look brilliant : 


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It has been so long since I used them, I shall have a furtle about, I believe you can dismiss them at sea (coz I heard someone say I am just dismissing my ai fleet on TS...just yesterday).

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Thanks for the excellent guide.  I did have a follow-on question about the AI ships you can "hire".  You caution about not taking them into a port battle bec. they'll take up player space.  Is there a way to temporarily disable them just for port battles or do you have to completely dismiss them?  


If you go into port, go to the fleets window where you hired them and you can uncheck them to make them inactive.

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