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  1. So................. , Those of us who had Faith in The Creators of Naval Action have been 'Stuffed' again. No surprise there then !
  2. Hello Everyone ! This is an annoying problem which is not related to the specific issues but here's hoping that someone can solve the problem. On our Clan Main Board ( Where it Lists Clan Members, Who's on Line Etc. Next to my name i am described as a Rear Admiral. This has been the case since the Great Wipe even though at first i was a Midshipman. Is it possible to remove and include Ranks from the Member List?. Thanks and i'm sorry if this request is not appropriate for the POST. Kind Regards to Capt'ns of All Nations.
  3. Our Clan Leader ( Beloved ), added Ranks to our names before the Big Wipe. On returning as a Midshipman i was still described as a Rear Admiral. When i asked to have this Title removed was informed that this was something that Developers would manage as our Clan Leader was unable to make alterations. Best regards to all Captains from Talramon in the Sad Old Dis United Kingdom.
  4. Same problem here Devs! No Pandora in my DLC.
  5. Hello! A clan member of HYDRA is having issues with loss of control of his ship. We have advised him to .... Disconnect and restart the game Check integrity of game Files. Check proper function of Key board. Reinstall NA. After doing this our Player still has no control of his ship. His English is not good, (He is German), so he asked me to contact you about this. Regards from Thomas in the Chaotic Dis United Kingdom.
  6. PS. Now we know why the Victory was so effective in Battle. The noble French and Spanish Captains lost control of the battle because they were 'Falling About Laughing' at this Vision of Loveliness bearing down on their Fleet !
  7. Check out the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Victory. The latest Paintwork on the Vic is no longer Yellow Stripes. Now we have Pretty in Pink ! ! ! ? According to the latest 'research', this is the Colour Scheme that Nelson would have been familiar with. The Scientists who did this research insist that the new colour is not pink. Have a look and you can contribute to the Debate and answer a simple question. "Do you think the Victory is Pink ?' Kind Regards to Capt's of all Factions.
  8. The Naval Action rendering of Le Ocean's paintwork is a little different to Museum Models as demonstrated by this magnificent example in the French Musee de Marine. At what period of it's History did Le Ocean have a completely black bow section? Can it be possible to alter the NA ship model in future Updates? Kind regards to Captains of all Factions.
  9. Hello . I had a Santisima for sale in Belize. Does this mean i have lost the ship and 4600000 Gold?
  10. Hello. I put a Santisima up for sale in Belize and now it has vanished from the List with no Gold appearing in my Account. Last week i had a fleet at Bonacca. When i returned to the game the next day one of the Indiamen was gone. Please can you advise me regarding these matters. Best Regards.
  11. We've learned a hard lesson regarding Trust. Members are supplied with whatever they need via an established officer. Duke Bigus Dickus of Wellington and Capt Barbossa seemed to be adverse to joining chat. Barbossa described himslef as being ambitious to our Clan Leader. So ambitious as to be determined to take all the Loot in Battle. That should have warned us i suppose. Thanks for the advice. Regards!
  12. We have had yet another theft from our Warehouse. Today Duke Bigus Dickus of Wellington left the Clan after stealing 1000000 +Gold and Combat Marks from our Warehouse. Last month Captain Barbossa also robbed the Warehouse and left the Clan. Apart from Public shaming what else might be done to persuade these sad people to stop behaving like spoiled Brats in a sweet shop? Can we bring these Game Spoilers to The Trbunal or is this something that we must manage ourselves? We have an instituted 30 day new member probation period. This initial trial allows new members acc
  13. Thanks for the info. All done and the Heavy rattler is with it's new proud owner. Regards from Thomas.
  14. Thanks for the prompt response. can you please explain the exact procedure for doing the trade . Regards from Thomas.
  15. Hello! i would like to return a kindness and give one of my ships to a new player. This ship was given to me and i would like to pay it forward. How do i do this? Regards from Thomas.
  16. Hello. I sent a report but misinformed you regarding the upgrades. She was a well sorted Purple Code ship. Iwas not using brace. I could steer the ship and fire Guns but had zero control over the sails. Regards from Thomas.
  17. Hello ! I have just lost my Aggie in a 4th rate battle. I had no control of my sails and lost my ship. I have just read the post about re login but was unaware of this fix until now. Can i have my ship back please? regards from Thomas in Wiltshire UK
  18. Just after i posted this my PC went Blue Screen Crash in the middle of a battle with 2 Frigates. 10 mins later i was back in the battle and the Chat was usable once more. Curious !!
  19. Hello . I have a problem trying to use Chat. When i attempt to Chat 'To many messages' appears in the box and i cannot message anybody. Regards from Thomas in Gloomy Frigid Wiltshire UK
  20. Hello! At about 8 pm GMT i was in a 2nd Rate ship battle when the game crashed and i lost my ship. Can i please have it back. A new Bucentaure. Oak and Oak planking. Northern Carpenters. Bovenwinds refit and Congreve sights. Just before the Crash the ship was behaving strangely. Less than 4 knots under full sail in a good breeze on a Broad Reach. Despite this problem i was destroying the other ship. When i got back into the Game after the crash all the Armour on one side of my ship was gone and shortly after it was sunk. Can i have a replacement please. Regards from Th
  21. Hi everyone! Game crashed last night (23.05 GMT) while i was Boarding an LGV. Reinstalled the game but still cannot Log in. The dreaded "Sending crash reports 1/1' message appears. Regards from sunny Wiltshire UK.
  22. Hello. Naval Action Crashed at About 23.00 hrs GMT. I cannot log on and there is a message informing me that 'crash reports are being sent" At the time of the crash i was boarding an LGV in my Indy. In the hold was a lot of valuable stuff. Please can you fix this. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but this problem of sending F******G reports still persists. Regards from Windy Wiltshire UK.
  23. Hi everyone! My game crashed about 10 mins ago. (23.00 hrs GMT) I was involved in a Boarding action with an LGV in my Indy. I would hate to think that i will lose my ship after this crash. Please let it not be so!
  24. Support Ahoy! Game crashed this AM. This time with a 'Client Stopped Working' message. Could this be a problem with my Internet provider or STEAM ? Settings have been lowered as you advised. Regards from the land of Wurzels and good Cider.
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