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  1. Sorry- I read this in another post and got confused: " I'd say it is the "pirate hunter" idea but focused versus spain."
  2. So the two places where you can craft ships with the "Spanish Hunter" feature both start out owned by....... Spain??? I'm sure the Dons are hugely grateful for that. Sometimes the logic used in the development of this game escapes me.
  3. Great piece of work- thanks!!!
  4. An ultra-realistic battle setting that would confine your view to your own deck (or at best partway up the bottom set of shrouds). IMHO one of the most stunning visual effects of the game are the clouds of gunsmoke following a broadside, which frequently completely obscures the target. It's too easy to re-orient yourself by leaving gunnery view and zooming out above the smoke. To quote Jack Aubrey,"We'll give them a broadside then board in the smoke"
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