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  1. Firstly, respect to all of you for continuing this discussion in a civilised manner. Sorry MrDoomed, Devs have stated that 3k players is the maximum cap per server, and you’re right about room for everyone … reading the posts after yours its apparent that PVP1 is already suffering from this very issue. Also keep in mind the issues that arise with having maxed out servers and queues, i.e. server de-synchronization, lag etc. and I will try and keep everyone informed with the user numbers as data becomes available. This is exactly what I was fearful of with my original post Bert be
  2. Totally agree with your points MrDoomed But what concerns me more is the current user base. By the devs confirming a merge, it indicates as I have said earlier in this thread that they have conceded that no more than 5% of the current user base will return or continue to play, no matter what they do. Or on the other hand, if that percentage improves are they content to have their user base queue up to play, keeping in mind that the servers cap at 3K players. *edit* Some other data just to keep this discussion balanced: Peak concurrent players yesterday: 2,811 Cheers all
  3. Hey Clegg, Glad someone realises what I was alluding to. It has come down to the choice that the devs have made, between not supporting a low population server in favor of one that may become so overpopulated you will have to queue up to get into it. Regarding the owner base figures, they have changed since I last took a look and are subject to further change, but as they stand currently: cheers all
  4. So what’s the flip side of merging the servers? Iirc one server can handle 3k players, by merging are the devs conceding that out of the 70k that bought into NA no more than 5% of the user base will return or continue to play no matter what they do?
  5. I’m glad you did Charles, was starting to think that a bit of tongue in cheek humour was beyond the scope of these forums, and thanks for the link, an interesting read. Cheers guys, and may the winds be with you
  6. What can I say ... yeah we all are of the finest stock, but what a fall from grace ... from offshore cousins to scum of the earth.
  7. Offshore cousins, are you sure you don’t mean offshore convicts lol If I remember correctly, we were a British penal colony ... so probably not a good idea to give us ships under those circumstances
  8. Hey mate, I’m also from Melbourne Have toyed around with the idea, but the options for Guild/Clan are pretty poor atm, no clan bank, no officers etc. On top of that I’m not sure if I have another wipe left in me lol. But if you want to hook up and knock around together PM me. Have forked out the 100k for clan “Rimfire” but there will be only be the two of us unless there are other Aussies or Kiwis who want to hook up. Also have a TS3 server hosted out of Sydney by hypernia. Cheers mate
  9. A way of protection would be that the party that wants haul your precious goods, has to place X amount of gold {which would exceed the value of said goods} into an escrow account, which is redeemed upon delivery. So you’re totally covered just like insurance, with the onus to fore fill contract being on the hauler. This would alleviate grieving, scamming etc.
  10. Had some time over the weekend, so played around with a new map design ... again lol. Still a WIP, need to finish the rivers and put in roads. Nearly dragged out the graphics tablet to start work on a hand painted version, but got distracted as always, {I'm so easily distracted guys} Thanks for the links wind ... tbh was just trying to avoid the work lol Cheers all
  11. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ... oi, oi, oi {our war cry} pretty frighting hey Good to see a few of us in here. We should also team up with our brothers across the Tasman, any Kiwi's playing NA? Currently playing Spain. Cheers all
  12. For those that prefer color maps
  13. As the devs have stated that they are going to add more ports, I spent time over the weekend playing around with some new map designs for community maps until the release of the in-game map. For these versions I’m using digital elevation models from the NASA/JPL Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. This gives me the option to refine the maps via mudbox and world machine, for perhaps doing a final port into the Unity 3D engine, for true 3D maps down the line. As always, any thoughts or feedback appreciated.
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