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  1. Apart from US and Danes, I have seen every nation to have the rogue clan that decides to do what it feels like. The agreement without the devs' support is not enough.
  2. Sorry to interject, but shouldn't this be in Suggestions/open world section of the forums? This forum is for bile spewing name calling, role-play pretending posts.
  3. If the two rumours I mentioned were true (which at the time was an undeniable possibility), would relying on the British reinforcement squadron or attack be reasonable? What if US as a part of the NL alliance also pushed on the GB? They would have not come, but would be protecting their own interests (as is pretty much their "duty"). Than it leads to a choice whether a guerrilla warfare from Free Towns and Capital or admitting defeat and trying to build France as a nation that is able to chose it's own destiny (whether with GB, Dutch or Danes, or Swedes, or Spanish, or US, or Pirates). Yo
  4. To summarize Black Friday from the eyes of the average French captain: Facts: GB+FRA+SWE were in alliance, while NL+DEN were in alliance. NL pushed south, met with French resistance, slowly overcame it and captured border ports. Simultaneously DEN pushed SWE and continued to northern French territories. Both nations pushed with most, if not all their clans. They coordinated it well, were dedicated and kudos to them. Since before there has not been any combined effort like this, we were caught off guard and beaten. At that time GB was fighting with pirates for Saint Nicks and Gonaives.
  5. Mostly, yes. But we also shared the boards and I remember your passionate posts about shit UK military rations ;-).
  6. To get this topic back on track. Although we disagree on server politics and approach to the game, I have nothing but high praise for the members of this group. Fun bunch to be around.
  7. If you want to have another pvp right after and he doesnt have the ship ready you do exactly that. Or you can name your ship "Monarch of the sea" strutting seas in your full victory in being better at internet ships than the other guy for a week, until he comes back with another ship just to repeat the process until one week he does not come, because he is playing XCOM now.
  8. Just let me say what would happen, if France was not offered this reasonable deal, but let's say only the islands. France would reject the peace, fight until only Fort royale is left and the rest of 3rd rates are destroyed, this would take, let's be generous a week. Players seeing slow destruction and frustration due to the inability to counter it, due to the current bad design of game mechanics would leave France. Some would go pirate to keep their stuff apart from outposts and keep playing. Some would just log off until the game is more developed. Few hardcore ones would stay in game and
  9. If you want to just paint the world full of orange dots you don't need french, swedes danes, brits to do it. If you want to have fun, you need all those people. This is a game and people play it for 1 reason only and that is to have fun. Currently, it is not fun to be a 1 port nation. Thus, people will stop playing the game. I am not sure, if you were there, but I was there when the open world had 18 players max and it was so much not fun that even venerable Sir Caldwell was rather playing Europa Universalis. If you really just want to paint the world orange, let me suggest paint or anothe
  10. Luckily, this is a game and you don't fight for your life or security or well being. Luckily in this game is only 1 thing worth fighting for - fun.
  11. The only way for a corpse to achieve its goals is if someone trips on it.
  12. I just realized this. The galaxies are colliding :-D
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