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  1. 8 March 1816. Dear Grand Admiral, I want to accuse two AI of attacking and sinking the trader I was trying to capture. Their names are Bras Bizzarly and John Balmore. Although I did ask them to leave and push retreat on the map command, they didn't obey to my orders. This is not acceptable. They should be judged in front of a tribunal and the goods the trader carried should be given to me again. In fact this happened two times, first ship I could capture before they sunk it, but the second ship wouldn't let capture himself and got sunk. Each time they joined battle after it already started, they even didn't enter all at the same time. Why do they sink traders ? They should shoot mast, or crew. Why do they come to assist ? This only happens near Coquibacoa, I never had such visitors near other harbours (as far as I remember). Hang them high and dry. Nico
  2. I did, but as a F11 report does no allow an answer, I posted it on the forum in the hope some dev would read it and assure it would be solved. Yes, but I haven't count the n° of ships I crafted without one BP ((, that makes a little more difficult
  3. I recently crafted a Frigate and got as message a Belle Poule BP, a CN and another BP for trinco. Amazing I thought. When I lookeed in my warehouse, I indeed received the BP for Belle Poule but not for the trinco My warehouse was almost full, just one place left, as I"m using a traders ship as an extention of my warehouse, Perhaps the second BP couldn't enter in the warehouse and was lost for this reason. As for now, each time I open my warehouse, looking for the BP, hoping it will appear by magic. I had a first warehouse and bought the extention 25 k for 8 slots, this is a heavy investment. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I broke down this warehouse and created a new one in another harbour. But now I have to pay 50 k for the first extention of my warehouse. I can't play enough to win a lot of gold and everything is expensive in this game. Ressources, repairs. Hoping this can be solved. Good wind Nico
  4. Recurrent resources problem (hemp, gold,...), every increase of production in a harbour, has only one result : more money for the traders Difficulties of attacking a single ship, sailing near it and waiting to be sure only tack one and suddenly another ship arrives at the horizon 3 seconds before the end of the countdown. Edit : Players hiding in mission was perhaps an exploit, but now we have a BIGGER exploit where gank squads are attacking player in his mission. This must been solved as soon as possible. If somebody gets ganked once, this is bad luck, twice should never happen. But when you get ganked a third time, it is possible there will not be a fourth one.
  5. Don't forget, the meaning is also to keep the first rate exceptional. How to do this when BR is in game ?
  6. If TP is only possible to Free towns and Capitals, this would already solve a part of the problem
  7. Why does some nations have 3 capitals and other only one. At the beginning everybody should have the same amount and the rest stays Neutral. Its up to you to choose a starting capital and starting to expand.
  8. Why not try the option 'send to outpost' where that outpost is the last one you left. Or send to nearest Outpost, because it is more logical because afterwards, you would go there again to cath you ship. But this could also gave issues, because the calculation of the distance may not be done 'over-land'. I don't agree, we pay a lot already to play this game, stop asking money to do this or that. The more you make money needed, the less attractive the game is.
  9. Then I would suggest that at* a port reset, all ports except National Capitals* and Free towns, would starts as* Neutral. Exit starting timer issue. Question has been asked before, but I was afraid to propose this because of the historical situaton of Spain in Caraibean. Good wind. - Nico Edit *
  10. There is actually no possibility to learn the skills. Creating an instance where perhaps only some people can join in a selectable groups, like we had during sea trials could be a training possiblity. No damage, no xp, no gold, just fun and learning and getting confidence.
  11. Spain is naturally defavorized as all own ports have no timer. Our ports also, buit since we started with less own ports, we don't have the same problems. But it certainly could become a problem when some nation captured a port not to far away from our home ports.
  12. 1) After iron, gold and I don't which crisis, now we have Hemp and Oak crisis. Some traders buying all goods for earning some money ??? So sailing from port to port without finding what I need. This could be an exploit, because someone could make an alt on another account and sell everything to other players from other nations in Free or Neutral towns. 2) Game has been made expensive, Outpost, repairs, ships, goods, expansion of the warehouse, Please stabalise a bit. 3) Everything is slown down, progression, sailing from port to another, delay of TP, except Portbattles. Nation with more players can easily do 2 - 3 PB in an evening and possible take over severall (a lot) of ports in a week, making it for the other nation even more difficult to progress.
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