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  1. harry

    unity 5

    IL2CPP is the first that comes to mind. Second would be better realtime lighting model.
  2. harry

    unity 5

    Any plans for the devs to move to the new unity version? Should get better framerates and some nice options for lighting...
  3. its not nit-picky at all, the argument against having any kind of AI sailing delegation being "i want to be in control of everything at all times" is simply invalid, because this would also be an argument against the entire game in its current state, and indeed, against the reality the game tries to simulate.
  4. No, you dont! or you would be petitioning the devs for: turn off automatic sail settings aim each individual gun yourself reload all the guns yourself and pick which type of shot should go in each individual gun hoist each individual sail yourself instead of choosing a speed setting etc etc etc. people say things and dont actually think about what it means
  5. Completely agree. Allow players to delegate sailing while offline, thus making their time not logged in useful to both them and other players. as for those complaining about not being in control, its simply a tradeoff! delegate tasks automatically at the cost of some vigilance with combat. And as you mentioned, you could prioritize fleeing over fighting for your AI routine. REAL CAPTAINS did not make 100% of the decisions on the ship at all times. But we are simulating more decisions than a real captain would have made, literally aiming the guns for the gunners. This says to me that players want high density of decision making. When you're on the open seas for hours on end, the density of decisions is extremely low. There's no reason not to allow players to delegate these actions to AI, if we are happy to delegate sail settings to AI when there are no interesting decisions to make.
  6. all references to darkfall are completely irrelevant when we are talking about oceanic crossings where the vast majority of the trip is open ocean. Also, to everyone in the thread - do you really think there will be enough hostile players in the game that you're likely to get intercepted in the middle of an ocean? I say anyone logged out in transit could have AI control their ship, and its just a risk you take for letting the computer ("crew") take control of your ship. The benefit: you can get things done in the game while you're at work or sleeping, and the player driven game world stays alive even off-peak. The downside: you dont have full control over your actions in fights other than maybe standing orders of "kill hostiles" "run away if encountered" etc. But honestly i dont think interception on oceanic voyages will be a problem. Meeting an unknown ship in the middle of the ocean with no radar and imprecise navigation equipment would be difficult even if you knew their exact course. They will probably need to bolster the amount of sea traffic with AI to get it to a reasonable state. Travelling around groups of islands will be more dangerous im sure, but then, we will have no problem playing that out in real time anyway. Also for the people saying "long voyages omg boring" - this would give us the best of both worlds. If you want to sail huge distances manually you can, or plot a course and log out for the night. Why not give both kinds of player what they want?
  7. agree. it makes sense from a simulation angle as well. as if captains were constantly on top deck watching the water around them. they would have slept, done sundry tasks, written things, read, studied... pretty much all acceptably "simulated" by NA players having their own lives outside the game. also, it would be great if you could only travel a certain distance per logout. say from one port to another, or maybe the journey gets more risky the further you go. this would encourage players to log in every day instead of just setting a course and letting it go. players logging in frequently = good for everyone
  8. edward - looks really cool, ive been trying to get used to modeling ships as well. we should talk on skype if you have it. ive made a lot of observations about the NA models. The first thing i will note is that their masts use a lot of standardised assets with minor tweaks. probably to save texture memory at runtime. Another thing i am about 90% sure of is the NA models are produced in a way similar to that which we usually associate with environments. That is, they use "universal" tiling textures for their planking, possibly with shaders to depict colour changes, and overlay ambient occlusion as a lightmap much in the way youll see on buildings or whatever in games. Of course i havent seen their files so i cant be sure but as a fairly experienced game artist i feel fairly confident in my judgement. the reason they do this would be again to save texture memory (smaller tiling texture uses less ram than a bigger "unique' one to achieve the same texel density) and so that the gunwales etc can look high res when you are aiming and generally the ship can be quite high res even up close. What you have atm looks awesome but in the aiming view would look a lot lower res than a vanilla NA ship. The only thing making me doubtful about my theory on how they texture their ships is that they havent used the lightmaps as an opportunity to incorporate large areas of discoloration or wear.
  9. i wonder if youll be able to set a course and have your ship travel while youre logged out... when you log back in you get a report of the voyage and the option to play out any engagements with AI you had on the way. All you who are saying we should make sure we dont appeal to "casuals" should think a bit more. The way the game is structured, more players are essential to its success. if trade and politics etc are going to be player driven, the game will be stunted without a *lot* of players. It really cant afford to have extremely niche appeal and tbh, it already is fairly streamlined and palatable to non-enthusiasts. You can have the best of both worlds as the devs have already demonstrated so far. also consider development costs. any players we are turning away from the game means less content for the enthusiast.
  10. all im really looking for is something other than point-for-point damage being rewarded ingame, as this intrinsically incentivises small ships to stay out of fights their larger teammates are part of. maybe if a whole team stays alive they can get bonus points, incentivising them to protect eachother. anything really. Its just small ships in battles with big ships really cant gain much and i sometimes even see them leave the lobby when they see a constitution or something in the roster. Whatever good gameplay we want to shoot for, first and foremost people need a reason to want to play the game with eachother. What about some bonus for being one of the smallest class of ship in the server? or a bonus for damage dealt to a ship of the line in a light ship?
  11. in a game about naval combat, how does one become popular other than by making the game a better experience for others
  12. how is it a "problem" if multiple players all decide that certain players are good to sail with?
  13. agree completely, but i also think its good to create incentive structures to create an experience something like we might get in the final game. For example they have a progression system and they will wipe progress from tiem to time to make sure everyone isnt just in the victory and santisima, as it will be like this in the final game. for the purposes of the test there ought to be some structure to encourage co operation and participation i suppose using "damage" as the currency for advancing ships just inherently biases towards rewarding bigger ships and cutting smaller ones out of the picture. IT would be good to reward other things, that is the base of what i am getting at really.
  14. just saw it ingame again - a brig went and attacked an isolated AFK player instead of helping team against live threats not that i blame him! the poor little brig couldnt do much against a surprise but the game currently does not incentivise him to help in that situation at all.
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