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  1. I knew it that your name sounded familiar Love your KSP mods! Also very impressive work done with the designer.
  2. I still notice that BB tend to focus too much on smallest ships first with their main guns while secondary guns focus on bigger ships. Like the priority goes like TB/DD -> CL -> CA -> BC/BB Once enemy BB get very close, only then they tend to focus their main guns on them. It's just stupid to see a BB focusing on a lone TB/DD at very long range while a bigger target is closer and way more dangerous for the ship.
  3. If this gets solved we could finally get some more interesting nations coming in from the minors.
  4. Can you check if you find some clues in player.log (in the games AppData folder) why it does crash? It could pinpoint to the file/line maybe. Alternative you could try with the Ironclad class instead, maybe that one is more complete.
  5. Loving the changes/additions! One thing I'd like to ask, can we get the division leader ships icons be visible in the division view (similar like the enemy division view at the top). Currently it still has the generic white ship symbols and it makes it a bit troublesome if you have many divisions to tell each one appart. This would also make it look more polished and less placeholder stylish. Something like this (just did a quick and dirty mockup): Also regarding barbettes, there is a trick/hack you can do: This is a 1895 Light Cruiser 1 - you can place any barbettes as long you have one of the small quad shaped ones placed. It would be really cool if we could unlock these barbetttes for this older ships just to get more variation. Because I think this is not intended. But it's still possible with ANY hull. Another example 1895 TB with the barbette workaround:
  6. I did some further digging into this. The problem are not enemy AI divisions. It's player AI divisions. They just sail straight forward, pass the enemy ships directly and keep going. So I can also confirm his report (no mods used and reported ingame): Just do a AI vs AI custom battle and watch the player side AI ships be brainless. It looks like they lock on the enemy ships, but then do not engage like the regular AI - it looks like their scripting is not triggered at all.
  7. Yeah I mostly see just a single line of ships, like all ships staying on one rail. Enemy and player ships on AI. TB, DD are not affected that much at all. It's mostly always CAs and BBs. My BBs on AI control just followed the enemy BBs, bypassed them while beeing as close as 100m next to them and overtook them, while not bothering to circle the enemy at all. Then they kept going on that same line in front of them.
  8. No, I mean not the parameters changes you did Barao. It's more like the general behavior of the AI differs now with the last game update. They mentioned some AI logic changes Probably should have been more specific in my last post.
  9. Is it just me or does the AI act different since this update?
  10. How much will you mess with the gun and hull models or their compartments? Do you want to go your own way, or use NAR as a base once Baron is finished?
  11. You can make mod installers with UABE, they only carry the changes you made and assign those when "installing" to the files. I did it once for a no obsolete hull mod. Should be somewhere in the general forum. Currently not at home to go into further details on how to do it. The advantage is that the download is just a few kb instead of the whole asset file. After a patch just rerun the installer and you are good again - as long the files haven't changed dramatically (new lines or content, etc). Here is the link to the thread:
  12. Could you please check target priorities? I often catch my BBs targeting a lone DD 10km away, while an enemy BB is 3km next to it. The DD had a 0.5% hit chance the BB was a 3.5%. Shouldn't the ship switch target here by default? And that enemy BB 13" was targeting my own DD about 9.5km away, and it's 10" guns where targeting one of my TB at about 11km away... But on both sides the Battleships secondary guns all where targeting the enemy BB. DD/TB are crazy magnets for target aquiring for big guns.
  13. Also I would like to add that AI BC should not always follow BB ships. They loose their speed advantage this way and are easy prey for enemy ships.
  14. Just wanted to report that this new clamp changes are awesome. I tried with approach_clamp_torpedoes 0.15 too - did several 1900 battles and it was really fun to watch the AI vs AI engaging. Seems you really did find good values, my tests earlier with different values where not as good as your ones, I had problems finding good ones. One thing I did additonally is to increase the individual division distance to 7000 to give the faster ships more freedom, but otherwise this turned out great.
  15. Could you please add a minimum fire distance for torpedos? Its always frustrating when ships fire torpedos point blank and the torpedo just vanish into nothingness (no dud or explosion fail).
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