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  1. The worst part is it's probably just RNG, there seems to be basically zero ways for either players or AI to seriously affect the chance of invading minors. Some games you get huge numbers of invasions triggering and other games you cannot even invade your neighboring minors. The game would be better if they did away with the whole "admiral" charade and just let you declare war as you please. The political simulation is already practically non-existent, and prestige is pointless.
  2. I think the game urgently needs an option to spend prestige to influence politics. Leaving task forces to burn fuel outside a minor until the invasion ticks is both gamey and unreliable. It would work a lot better to have a combination of randomized invasion missions and the ability to spend prestige to spawn an invasion mission.
  3. Pretty sure that is a bot. Probably posting some random AI comments to build a post history before shilling for a product to make the spam less obvious.
  4. Yes, this has been needed for a long time. I think I made multiple posts on this all the way back when EA ended, and I believe there were others making the same suggestion.
  5. On 1.5 this seems to cause the game to load infinitely on start.
  6. You have to look at the actual efficiency of the armor, not just the total thickness. Harvey belts may weight more than Iron, but they have twice the strength per inch and are equally efficient for turret armor, whereas using iron can lead to overweight turrets ruining your BB's handling. Also, Iron increases hull and engine weight, further cutting into the weight benefits.
  7. Yes, but the issue here is not HE penetrating, but HE sinking battleships without any penetrations at all. If you are firing 18" HE shells from a 1950 BB at a BC and can penetrate the thinner armor, it is entirely reasonable for the BC to sink much faster than AP could achieve. However, usually penetrations vs. ships with a similar armor effectiveness requires the higher penetration of AP. If you could penetrate BB armor with HE, then you would just use the HE shell as your AP and use an even more explosive shell for HE.
  8. This is working as designed, iron plate is meant to be thick and light but low quality for belt armor, but heavy and similarly low quality for deck armor.
  9. This has happened since early access. I usually just ignore the poor sector of fire warning and manually check all the guns.
  10. I have bought every previous UG and UA game, and purchased the special edition of UA:D before it was on steam. However, I am reluctant to purchase this title because of my experience with UA:D. I was very disappointed in UA:D because it rushed into adding a bunch of new features while leaving serious bugs and exploits in the core tactical gameplay. e.g. ( ) Will this game be developed at a more sustainable pace? I don't mind if a promised feature is delayed, or even dropped, but when there are serious bugs in the core gameplay it is impossible for me the enjoy the game. The best part of the earlier UG titles was the tight tactical combat with only minor bugs and exploits (e.g. the ability to break AI charges in UG:CW by abusing skirmishers was relatively minor and only a problem if deliberately abused.).
  11. Very disappointing this bug still isn't fixed. I stopped playing right around 1.1 because of all the bugs in the core combat gameplay, and was hoping they had been fixed by now.
  12. Why is it even desirable for HE shells to be able to sink battleships? I think that HE shells should have a dramatically lower chance to spread fires below decks without a penetration. This will allow them to continue functioning as a means for weaker ships to destroy superstructures, or for large ships to deal more damage to smaller ones, without allowing the current silliness.
  13. Seems like the gun penetration might be overtuned if historical armor belts at max quality are being penetrated by 12" guns. Previously, the gun penetration had to be exaggerated to penetrate the ridiculously thick armor belts. I think the armor limits should be raised moderately (enough to enable all historical builds, plus maybe an inch or so extra where suitable.) and the penetration characteristics should be re-evaluated.
  14. Is it feasible to have the machinery forward of the funnels?
  15. It's almost certainly possible to reverse engineer the asset loading system enough to inject new models. Whether it is possible to do so without being an experienced reverse engineer or unity developer is another matter. (Also, even if it is possible, it is likely to be a lot of work just to get to a point where you can add new assets at all.)
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