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  1. Save for the issues that others are having with slow loads and launching (I am not having these issues), I'm having trouble finding any overt bugs or issues with this patch so far, which is quite good!
  2. After messing with the game for a significant period of time, I'm fairly sure that turret armor is actually bugged as it's getting overpenetrated by 2 inch shells with consistency. I'm less sure about superstructure armor though, it's difficult to tell the details with it.
  3. I have to agree with this assessment. Ship detonates it's midship ammunition locker and only loses 32 crewmen out of over 1000. Doesn't seem right to me.
  4. Is it intended for Antitorp V to Increase acceleration of a ship? On the topic of crews, it does make the game feel more alive. Will need to do some more testing. It does make the ships feel more varied, but I also feel that there should be a way to have the crew prioritize certain tasks, which might get locked out if the conning tower goes down? I don't know, but it feels like that once you start losing the "control" section of the crew, things go downhill fast, while the secondary crews are still happily blasting away while their ship sinks beneath them. Overpenetrati
  5. After fiddling around with Lyddite small guns on ships, I feel that fire is still a bit underwhelming unless you can successfully manage to overwhelm the target ship with fire, and I think this is for a few reasons. Fire damage on the deck does not appear to actually deal damage to the superstructure of the ship, the components associated with it, and it also does not block rangefinding equipment which it most likely would, especially if the fire occurred midship. I'd like to suggest that it be changed so above deck fires reduce aiming accuracy, as well as run the risk of potentia
  6. I just now realized this is what Ink on Discord probably meant about "super high explosive shells" to handle torpedo boats better than now with the current mechanics of full overpen.
  7. I've been messing around with light shells specifically and they seem like they're the perfect kind of shell type you'd want to use on a screening ship for the rate of reload benefit, potentially firing Lyddite for maximum havoc amongst destroyers. If you're trying to blap over a BB, they're pretty bad yes, but they can also have a benefit on the really large guns too like 18+ inchers if you actually want more sustained fire and are okay with sacrificing that overkill 18s and up usually do against basically everything. Auxiliary engine and shaft are things you'll want at least something o
  8. More AI poking from me, this time on the disparity between Custom Battle AI and Naval Academy AI. Currently, the behavior for AI does seem to be very similar for both AI types for most things except for two things. The naval academy AI is addicted to plunging fire, which is why when you fight battles with a "no retreat" AI, you'll often see it try to kite you instead and take plunging shots from as far as it possibly can while still maintaining line of sight on your ships. The custom battle AI for the most part will still try to do this when it's sensible, but it w
  9. After some quick searching around on the net for details on what Cordite actually was, it was a replacement for Black Powder,which is fair enough. However it's characteristics in game are pretty tremendously bad, and is basically a more expensive mostly worse version of Lyddite. A majority of players would agree that Lyddite is just an objectively better shell option compared to Cordite, if only because of the raw damage effects of HE versus Cordite. Considering Cordite itself is more expensive to use than Lyddite with the only apparent benefit in game being that it's more stable than Lyd
  10. It already exists. It's depressingly sparse, but the spreadsheets are there. https://uadreadnoughts.fandom.com/wiki/Ultimate_Admiral:_Dreadnoughts_Wiki
  11. The AI in my tests does not actually know when you fire your torpedoes. What it will do though is try to evade small ships like destroyers if they spot them. Most ships that aren't set to a screening or scouting order appear to do this. You can test this yourself with the Naval Academy missions where you can select small but range boosted electric torpedoes with torp tech. The friendly AI when I was doing further tests last night wound up turning broadside and cutting power against a wave of four torpedoes, so the collision avoidance, again is to blame there.
  12. This if my first post on this forum, but I think I've had the game for a few months now, since Alpha 11 came out. Anyways, the point of this thread is that the AI is too good at avoiding torpedoes, while the ships under player control set to be under the AI are effectively useless against torpedo armed craft. After testing why this is the case for a short while, I've found out why. The enemy AI appears to have a "preemptive avoidance" mechanic built into the AI for the ships under it's command. This is why once one ship detects a torpedo every single ship in
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